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All Game Show Events in The Finals

Game Show Events in The Finals add an extra layer to the match, giving every player one more thing to worry about.

The Finals puts you into a virtual game show of sorts, where the goal is to grab cash and hold onto it while fighting opposing teams. So naturally, there are many Game Show Events that take place in Embark Studios' The Finals. These can alter the terrain, force you to adapt to new objectives, and more.

As of now, there are seven Game Show Events in The Finals. These are randomly selected occurrences that arrive in the latter half of a match. Each one lasts for several minutes, with some being true difference makers in terms of strategy and gameplay.

Every Game Show Event that can happen in The Finals

When a Game Show Event kicks off in The Finals, the in-game announcers will let you know. As well, the name of the event will appear on your screen. You won't know which one is coming in your current match until it happens, though.

That makes it important to know them all beforehand. Here's what you can expect from each one:

  • Meteor Showers: Meteors fall near cashout stations, damaging players and causing destruction to the arena. Bounce a meteor off of a jump pad for a hidden achievement.
  • Low Gravity: Experience longer hang time in the air, for players and objects.
  • The Dead Go Boom: When you're eliminated, you explode and deal damage to players and arena structures nearby.
  • Mega Damage: Damage to the arena is magnified, to players and structures.
  • Death Match: Earn extra cash when you eliminate opponents.
  • Orbital Lasers: Lasers take aim at contestants who aren't moving, dealing damage to the player and arena structures.
  • Alien Invasion: UFOs hover over objectives and shoot toward the ground, pulling up parts of the arena with tractor beams and destroying parts with lasers.

If you learn how to navigate each Game Show Event in The Finals properly, you'll be able to use them to your advantage. Reach new heights with Low Gravity, come from behind to win it by racking up eliminations during Death Match, or tear down even more walls during Mega Damage.

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