Complete this Fortnitemares 2023 challenge for free XP!

The Hall of Whispers in Fortnite is a landmark located near the center of the map. It’s been a prominent spot since the launch of Chapter 4, granting players generous loot and a launch pad for mobility. However, from a Fortnitemares perspective, the Hall of Whispers is your chance at free XP.

One of the Fortnite Quests requires players to travel from Secluded Spire to the Hall of Whispers without touching the water. Today, we’ll show you where to find the Hall of Whispers and how to complete this challenge.

Where is the Hall of Whispers in Fortnite?

You can find the Hall of Whispers in Fortnite by heading southwest of Brutal Bastion. We’ve highlighted the location on the map above. You will see Secluded Spire marked slightly southwest of the Slappy Shores.

Now that you know where to find the two locations, we will explain how to complete the Fortnitemares challenge.

How to complete the quest

The video outlines what you must do to complete the Fortnite Hall of Whispers challenge. First, you must land at the Secluded Spire POI we highlighted earlier. Once landing, there are three approaches you can take:

  1. Grab plenty of building materials.
  2. Locate a Rocket Ram and add it to your inventory.
  3. Add a stack of Crash Pad Jrs. to your inventory.

After completing one of those three options, head north to the river. Once there, you must utilize one of the three methods to cross the stream without touching the water.

Then, continue heading toward the Hall of Whispers, and you should receive the “Quest Complete” Fortnite notification if done correctly. The challenge will reward you with 15K XP. Additionally, you will move closer to unlocking all of the free Fortnitemares 2023 rewards before the event ends in one week.

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