Where is Master Splinter in Fortnite? cover image

Where is Master Splinter in Fortnite?

Looking for Master Splinter to show you the ways? This is where you can find him in Fortnite.

The Fortnite x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) event is live, with much content for players to experience. Beyond the separate Battle Pass, which features Shredder, and the in-game Mythics, Master Splinter has joined the list of skins and non-playable characters (NPCs). Today, we'll explain where you can find Master Splinter in Fortnite and what he can provide you.

Where is Master Splinter in Fortnite? Location revealed

Those looking to speak with Master Splinter, who is responsible for mentoring the Ninja Turtles, can head to the location on the above map. This spot, located southeast of Pleasant Piazza, is the entrance to the Underground HQ used by the TMNT. You can find it along the train tracks, marked with graffiti; one such tag is of Splinter.

Proceed through the doors and make your way to the train platform. From there, you will notice some dialogue boxes on your screen. Remember, there are two NPCs down here: Jonesy and Splinter. You must find the correct room to find Master Splinter in Fortnite.

You will know the room when you find it, as it features a pepperoni pizza rug, Ninja Turtles bean bags, and even a sewer entrance, which you can use to enter the room containing Master Splinter directly. It's worth noting that, considering the update just dropped, you may encounter many opponents in this area, so it is best to approach with caution.

What can Splinter offer me when I find him?

Now that you know where to find Master Splinter in Fortnite, let's cover what he can provide. Splinter offers two services as an NPC. Once is a Pizza Party, which is fitting, considering the TMNT's affinity for pizza. He also provides a "Patch Up" for 100 Gold, which restores some of your HP.

Considering the number of opponents you will encounter just getting to Splinter, this service can be helpful.

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