What is Fortnite Mix Up Monday? Tournament explained cover image

What is Fortnite Mix Up Monday? Tournament explained

Wondering what the Fortnite Mix Up Monday competition entails? Look no further!

Fortnite tournaments have resumed following the annual Epic Games winter break. While players eagerly await the 2024 road map, competitors can ease themselves back into the fold. Players can participate in a more casual Fortnite tournament called Mix Up Mondays.

This article explains everything you need to know about Mix Up Mondays, including the format, how to compete, and more.

What is the Fortnite Mix Up Monday tournament?

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Mix Up Monday tournaments in Fortnite occur every Monday across all competitive regions. There are two tracks available: one for Zero Build and another for Battle Royale. The "Mix Up" aspect of the competition lies within the format, scoring system, and rules.

Epic Games will deploy a different scoring system and format each Monday to keep the tournaments fresh. For example, a Victory Royale may be worth 25 points, but the next week it could be worth zero points.

Apart from the ever-changing scoring system, the format is as follows:

Fortnite Mix Up Monday Format

  • Open to all Bronze and higher players in Ranked Mode
  • Sessions occur for two hours
  • Players earn points based on that week's scoring structure

How can I compete in Mix Up Mondays?

You must meet the following requirements to compete in this Fortnite competition:

  • Enable 2FA on your Fortnite/Epic Games account
  • Have an account level of 15 or higher
  • Meet the minimum Bronze rank
  • Queue into the tournament during your region's timeframe

Does this competition feature a prize pool?

Mix Up Mondays do not feature a monetary prize pool, unlike the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), Cash Cups, and Victory Cups. Instead, players can utilize this competition to understand competitive Fortnite better and prepare for other events.

While the lack of a prize pool may not be appealing, Mix Up Mondays provide a look into what the Fortnite competitive scene entails. It can sometimes be overwhelming, so this is an opportunity to experience the intensity before competing in other competitions.

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