Society Medallions in Fortnite: All locations and how they work cover image

Society Medallions in Fortnite: All locations and how they work

Here is all you need to know about Society Medallions!

Fortnite Chapter 5 introduced many new features into the game, including weapons, weapon mods, and more. In addition to those is a new feature called Society Medallions. Players can acquire these Society Medallions at select locations around the Fortnite Chapter 5 map and offer benefits and risks to those who carry them.

Today, provides a complete Society Medallions guide, including where to find them and how they work.

All Society Medallion locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

Society Medallions in Fortnite exist across the map in five primary points of interest (POIs). We have highlighted all locations above so you know where to find them. Each marked spot possesses a boss character who carries a Society Medallion, so you must eliminate the character to add it to your inventory.

Here is a list of the boss characters, locations, and corresponding Society Medallions:

  • Oscar – Lavish Lair
  • Nisha – Fencing Field
  • Montague – Grand Glacier
  • Valeria – Reckless Railways
  • Peter Griffin – Snooty Steppes

What are Society Medallions in Fortnite?

Society Medallions in Fortnite are challenging to acquire since most players in the lobby will be looking to get them. However, if you manage to snag one from a boss character or another player, there is equal benefit and risk. Let's dig into the benefits and risks.


Let's start with the benefits. Society Medallions progressively heal your shield up to 100, making it the ultimate tool. This means you will not have to rely as much on Shield Potions. Medallions do not occupy a spot in your inventory HUD but a separate slot inside your inventory menu as shown above. You can stack more than one Medallion should you stumble across multiple.


Golden circle explained

Apart from risking your game to acquire a Society Medallion off the spawn, this new Fortnite mechanic has one significant con. You will appear as a golden circle on your opponents' radar when possessing a Medallion. This would make you more visible to your enemies and could nullify the element of surprise. On top of that, the more Society Medallions you have in your inventory, the smaller the circle appears.

That means if you hold more than two Medallions, your opponents can locate you without much of an issue. For those who welcome the challenge, you may want to carry many and bring the entire lobby in your direction.


<em>Image Credit: Epic Games</em>
Image Credit: Epic Games

Overall, the Society Medallions in Fortnite are worth the hassle you may endure when trying to obtain one. It lessens the need to carry various Shield Potions and allows you to take more risks in a battle. Although the golden circle aspect makes them less appealing, holding at least one is worthwhile.

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