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Where is Peter Griffin in Fortnite?

Here is where you can find Peter Griffin in Fortnite and how to defeat him.

Peter Griffin has joined Fortnite, fulfilling a rumor that dates back over two years. The popular Family Guy character's arrival could not have come at a better time—on the heels of Fortnite Chapter 5’s launch. In addition to his Battle Pass skin, Epic Games added him into the game as a boss character. This guide explains where you can find Peter Griffin in Fortnite and how to defeat him.

Where is Peter Griffin in Fortnite?

Peter Griffin spawns in Snooty Steppes, located on the southwestern quadrant of the map. Like most boss characters, he roams the area and will attack you alongside a seemingly endless group of NPC henchmen. Defeating him can be tricky, so let's cover some strategies.

How to defeat Peter Griffin boss character in Fortnite

While the character is not the smartest in the show, the Fortnite version could quickly send you to the lobby. When encountering Peter Griffin, the best strategy is to build structures and utilize angles. You should slowly chip away his health and shield until there’s nothing left.

It’s wise to aim for the head as much as possible, considering this inflicts the most damage. Eventually, with enough persistence and luck, Peter Griffin’s Fortnite model will fall to the ground.

What items does he drop?

After eliminating Peter, he drops two items you or your teammates will surely want to carry. The first is a Medallion. When this item is in your inventory, it marks you on the map and progressively heals your shield up to 100.

The second item Peter Griffin drops in Fortnite Chapter 5 is a Mythic Hammer Pump Shotgun. This weapon deals an incredible 199.8 max headshot damage. Like the Medallion, Peter Griffin’s Mythic Hammer Pump Shotgun is a worthy addition to your inventory.

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