Only Down Fortnite: Codes and how to play cover image

Only Down Fortnite: Codes and how to play

Here are some Only Down Fortnite map codes!

Fortnite Only Up is a hot new topic, mirroring the success of the independent game of the same name. Hundreds of thousands actively play the Only Up creative maps, but a similar concept, dubbed Fortnite Only Down, and its map codes are gaining steam. 

Today, you will learn about Only Down Fortnite maps and learn some map codes you can use to play.

Fortnite Only Down Codes (Updated 2023)

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

in Only Down Fortnite, the player aims to reach the bottom with precise jumps without falling off the edge. You might wonder why if you can jump off the side and win. The answer is no. You will receive fall damage and return to the start. Many have ventured to Only Down while keeping Fortnite Only Up in their rotation. 

Only Down Fortnite codes have drawn over 5,000 players., and here are some of the top Fortnite Only Down codes:

  • Don’t Look Down (Fortnite Only Up) 4D_Chap – 3587-0976-7272
  • ONLY DOWN by Rohji – 1854-3531-7184
  • Only Down Fortnite by maal1na – 0568-3813-9152
  • OnlyDown Parkour by salvamira – 3378-7109-5778
  • ONLY DOWN by NOOEL-GAMING – 3403-9902-5292

What is the world record in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, no website actively tracks the Only Down Fortnite world records. However, various runners have posted their fastest attempts on YouTube. The quickest we could find was by YouTuber SeXy_Kiwi. He posted a 49s Only Down Fortnite speedrun on July 9 using one of the codes above.

Others have published sub-minute attempts, so the landscape is competitive. Some specific strategies and paths are optimal, and players are finding those. Check out the Only Down Fortnite codes to see how they work.

You can also check this article for a Fortnite Only Up maps list and to learn how to play.

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