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Only Up! in Fortnite: How to play

Trying to play Only Up! in Fortnite? Here is how!

The popular new game Only Up! has become a sensation in the gaming community. Its unique style of "parkour" gameplay allows players to jump from object to object, with the purpose of reaching the top (hence the name "Only Up!"). Now, Fortnite has decided to venture into the game's realm, with a popular Creative 2.0 map available.

Here is how YOU can play Only Up! in Fortnite.

Only Up! joins Fortnite: Map Code and how to play

Creative 2.0 is no stranger to having popular games recreated in its system. We have seen people recreate COD maps and more within the popular Battle Royale. With the popular Steam game Only Up! creating a wave of excitement on Twitch recently, it was only a matter of time before someone created the game on Fortnite.

Playing the map is quite easy, all you have to do is insert the Island Code at the top of the main Game Mode screen in Fortnite.

Only Up! Fortnite Map Code:

  • 4366-9611-6988

Not only has the map become extremely popular within the Fortnite scene, but various organizations have been holding large-scale tournaments within the Creative 2.0 game.

What's also exciting about the new Fortnite Creative 2.0 Map, is the fact that now Console players have the chance to play the Steam-exclusive game. At the moment, the actually Only Up! game is available exclusively on PC.

Fortnite continues to create various opportunities for gamers.

So... What exactly does Only Up! require players to do?

The new "Run n' Gun" style of game is basically a large obstacle course for players to jump around on. You start at the very bottom of the course and have to travel up and up and up until you reach the top.

Seems relatively simple, right? WRONG.

The game gives players a series of challenging obstacles that are not necessarily completable in just one try. With its explosion in popularity on Twitch, various streamers have attempted to speed-run the game, in hopes of creating some sort of World Record.

Only Up! (Image via Steam)
Only Up! (Image via Steam)

The game itself is incredibly entertaining as well frustrating - if you are someone who likes to win easily. Make sure to check out the original game on Steam OR its remake on Fortnite Creative.

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