The FOV Slider is back in Fortnite … sort of.

Fortnite's latest update dropped this morning with content as far as the eye can see. However, it's a small setting change that drew players' interest. Epic Games has added a version of the beloved field of view (FOV) Slider option back in Fortnite. Although it does not function the same as it did five years ago, it could be a step in the right direction. Here's a complete breakdown of how the new FOV Slider setting works in Fortnite.

How does the new FOV Slider work in Fortnite?

This new setting does not affect your entire character's field of view, but it does adjust when performing specific actions. As outlined in the clip above by BoopNL, the FOV Slider changes your field of view, specifically when sprinting in-game. For example, if you increase your maximum and minimum FOV to the highest option, you can see more around you in the sprinting animation.

The FOV Slider also reportedly changes your field of view when driving, making it useful in these two scenarios. While it's not what fans have wanted for five years, Epic Games has begun to walk back its decision in 2019. For reference, the standard FOV in Fortnite is 80. After Epic removed the FOV Slider from Fortnite, this is the explanation given for the change:

Many competitive players have asked for an FOV slider to improve visibility in vertical end-game build battles. There has also been ire over our removal of stretched resolution (a relic of supporting old 4:3 TVs which results in a distorted screen aspect ratio).

When a game introduces a feature that provides a gameplay advantage, players gravitate towards turning it on to maximize their chances of success, even if this makes the game look and/or feel worse. The stretched characters and distorted views detract from Fortnite as an entertainment experience for all.

Fundamentally, we seek to avoid optional settings which provide players with a significant gameplay advantage.

Epic Games blog post

How do I change my FOV?

The instructions below explain how to adjust the FOV Slider in Fortnite.

  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Click your profile icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click the Settings icon.
  1. Open the Settings menu.
  1. Navigate to the tab indicated in the image below.
  1. Scroll down until you find the minimum and maximum FOV options.

You can experiment with the two FOV Slider options and see which works best for you and if it's helpful in Fortnite. We will have to see if Epic Games improves this option in the future as Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 continues.

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