Marshmello: A history of the infamous Fortnite skin cover image

Marshmello: A history of the infamous Fortnite skin

A look at one of the most famous Icon Skins in Fortnite.

Marshmello has been a staple skin within the Fortnite community due to the fact that it was the first-ever Icon Skin in the game. The popular DJ was given his very own Fortnite skin back in the Chapter 1 days when Fortnite held a live concert event with him.

During that time, too, streamers such as Ninja and more were collaborating with the DJ, making his name even more well-known within the world of Fortnite.

Here is a look at the history of Marshmello's infamous Fortnite skin.

When did Marshmello get his own skin?

It was back in Chapter 1, Season 7 that Marshmello was given his own skin in Fortnite. Fortnite had already been notorious for hosting live events, but they decided to change the game up by hosting a live concert event.

Little did they know, this would change Fortnite forever.

Because of the event and the skin's success, Fortnite has hosted many more live concerts with all the artists getting their own Icon Skins. Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, Eminem and more have all received skins within the game, which might have never happened if Marshmello hadn't paved that road for them.

The event was held at Pleasant Park, right in the middle of the giant soccer field. Fans would just go hang out as a Marshmello skin took the stage, dropping some hot jams. Now, it is crazy to see the progression Fortnite has made with its live events.

The idea of flying through space for one of these concerts was unheard of during the Marshmello x Fortnite era, making him a pioneer within the live concert Fortnite space.

Since then, his skin has been in the Item Shop over 30 times, making him quite the popular Icon Skin.

How to get the Marshmello skin in Fortnite

Getting the popular Marshmello outfit is easy. All you have to do is head to the Item Shop and purchase the skin.

Marshmello Fortnite skin cost:

  • 1,500 V-Bucks

He also has a bundle that you can purchase for 2,300 V-Bucks. Here is everything included in the Marshmello bundle:

  • Marshmello (Skin)
  • Marsh Walk (Emote)
  • Mello Mallets (Pickaxe)
  • Mello Rider (Glider)

What is an Icon Series skin?

Icon Series skins are popular Fortnite skins that are based on real people. Many artists, actors and even gamers have their very own Icon Skins.

Even sports players such as Lebron James have their own skin within the game, making Icon Skins a huge hit.

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