Is the Black Widow skin rare in Fortnite? cover image

Is the Black Widow skin rare in Fortnite?

Is the OG Black Widow skin in Fortnite considered rare?

Since Chapter 1, Fortnite has been notorious for including Marvel skins within the Battle Royale. The game has been collaborating with the franchise for years now, with some of the most popular skins hailing from Marvel. One of these skins, Black Widow, first premiered back with the theatrical release of Avengers: Endgame, making it one of the first Marvel skins in the game.

So is the OG Black Widow skin rare in Fortnite? Or is it just another popular Marvel skin?

Black Widow: Is the OG skin considered rare in Fortnite?

While Black Widow has had a second variation release in the past, resembling the character played by Scarlett Johanson more, the original Black Widow skin is considered a bit more rare.

But how rare exactly is the OG Black Widow skin in Fortnite? Well, for a while, it was actually considered one of the rarest skins. The original Black Widow Fortnite skin was released back in 2019 and never ended up releasing again.

That was until November of 2023. The skin was eventually re-released, which sort of defeated the purpose of it being an ultra-rare skin. Still, though, the Fortnite skin has a decent amount of rarity behind its name, considering it's only been in the Item Shop twice since then.

Now, in March of 2024, the skin has been re-released, making it even less rare than before.

A history of the skin in Fortnite

First released back in April of 2019, the Black Widow skin was added to the game alongside the Infinity Gauntlet mode, where players had to battle against Thanos on the island.

The skin immediately took off at the time, being one of the first collaborations Fortnite had committed to. Now, with over 60 Marvel outfits within the game, the Black Widow skin is considered an OG.

So how much is the Black Widow skin in the Item Shop?

  • 1,500 V-Bucks

The skin is also available for LEGO Fortnite. Many skins that are from collaborations have yet to join LEGO Fortnite, making Black Widow unique.

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