Is the popular rapper coming to Fortnite?

A wild rumor has surfaced on the internet claiming that bbno$, the popular rapper, is coming to Fortnite. Even the rapper himself shared a TikTok and YouTube Short claiming he is getting a skin in the popular Battle Royale.

But is bbno$ actually coming to Fortnite? Or is it all a hoax?

Is bbno$ in Fortnite?

No, the popular rapper, bbno$, is not in Fortnite and there are no plans for him to get a skin anytime in the future in Fortnite. In fact, an artist shared a concept they made on Twitter for the rapper's hypothetical skins.

The two concept skins were designed by Devink and shared online, creating hype around the idea of bbno$ getting a skin in Fortnite. Devink made no hints as to whether or not a collaboration between the rapper and the Battle Royale would happen and blatantly stated that this was just concept art.

So how did such a rumor get started if the artist clearly stated it was only concept art?

Rapper shares skin concept

If you know anything about bbno$, you know the popular rapper is notorious for spreading memes and jokes around the internet.

Immediately after the concept art for his Fortnite skin was revealed, the artist shared a video that said "I'm in Fortnite!?"

The video then shows him reacting to the concept art, acting surprised and all hyped. Which he should be, considering it looks like the artist put a solid amount of work into the skins.

All in all, though, bbno$'s video was just a joke and it does not seem as if he will actually be getting a skin in Fortnite. Who knows, though. There have been some pretty random collaborations in the past in Fortnite.

Could we eventually see an actual bbno$ skin in Fortnite?

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