Ready to rock out with the new Metallica Mythic in Forntite?

Ready to rock out in Fortnite's latest update? With the inclusion of Metallica within the Battle Royale, players are now able to play as their favorite band members. Not only that, though, but a Metallica Ride the Lightning Mythic is now around the map. So how does someone get the Metallica Mythic in Fortnite?

Here is a full guide on how you can acquire the famous metal band's new Ride the Lightning Mythic Item in Fortnite.

Where to get the Metallica Mythic in Fortnite

Looking to grab the new Metallica Mythic in Fortnite? Luckily, it is pretty easy.

There is no fancy and final boss you have to battle to grab the new Mythic Item. Instead, they are placed all around the map, making it first-come-first-serve for whoever locates them.

The item is a guitar, which you will find located next to an amp and microphone. There are quite a few of them throughout the map, so it should not be too hard to locate one. The only problem is... watch out for other players who have found one first!

What is the new Mythic Item?

Those who are a fan of Metallica, or just Rock-n-Roll in general, will be incredibly hyped to try out the new Ride the Lightning Mythic Item in Fortnite. The new item takes past Mythic Items, such as the Dragon Ball or My Hero Academia Mythics, but gives it a nice Metallica twist.

The item is a guitar. Yes, you read that right. It is a glowing guitar. And when players use the new Metallica Mythic, they shoot up into the air in a ball of lightning, playing some heavy rockin' chords at the same time.

Then, after flying across part of the map, the guitar slams itself and the player onto whoever their focus is on, eliminating or badly damaging an opponent in the process.

It is a great new take on past Mythic Items that have been in the game, keeping Fortnite fresh and fun.

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