You have until May 14 to grab these free Twitch Drop rewards!

Fortnite's annual Star Wars event has begun, and there is plenty of content to keep players busy. From LEGO Fortnite to Battle Royale, this update has something for everyone, including free in-game items. A recent report from various Fortnite leakers has confirmed that Star Wars Twitch Drops will be available during this event.

This article explains what Fortnite x Star Wars Twitch Drops you can unlock and how to get them.

How to unlock the Fortnite x Star Wars Twitch Drops

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

The first free reward available to players includes a Growling Chewbacca Emoji, celebrating the Wookiee's arrival in Fortnite. Also, you can unlock the Galaxies Collide Loading Screen by participating in the Fortnite x Star Wars Twitch Drops event.

Below, we have provided the instructions that you must follow to acquire these free rewards, and we will explain them further afterward:

Image Credit: Epic GamesImage Credit: Epic Games
  • Growling Chewbacca Emoji: Link your Twitch and Epic Games accounts.
  • Galaxies Collide Loading Screen: Watch participating streamers and collect all Star Wars items that appear on your screen.

How to connect your Twitch account to your Epic Games account

  1. Log in to your Epic Games account
  1. Navigate to Account > Connections
  1. Select the Accounts tab and click the Connect button under Twitch

How to earn the Galaxies Collide Fortnite Star Wars Twitch Drop

Unlocking the Loading Screen is a bit more complex than the Emoji. First, you must locate a Twitch streamer with [Drops Enabled] on their stream. You can start by heading to the Fortnite category and scanning through the list of live broadcasts.

Image Credit: Nick Eh 30Image Credit: Nick Eh 30

Once you find a streamer with Twitch Drops enabled, random Star Wars-related items will appear on the screen. You must click on these items to "catch" them. You can confirm the number of items you have collected in the "Collection" tab, which will be an extension that appears on the stream window.

Image Credit: Nick Eh 30Image Credit: Nick Eh 30

After collecting all 14 Star Wars items during the live stream, you will receive the Galaxies Collide Twitch Drop.

When will I receive the free rewards?

According to Epic's blog post regarding Twitch Drops, you will receive the free rewards within 30 days of completing the tasks. This event occurs from now until May 14 at 3 p.m. ET, so you have plenty of time to secure them before it's too late.

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