Here’s how you can visit the Magneto Bunker in Fortnite!

The Magneto Bunker is finally open following the launch of Magneto's in-game Fortnite skin. This somewhat hidden point of interest (POI) contains a test lab presumably containing Magneto and another X-Men character. Both characters have since escaped and destroyed the door to keep players from entering. This article explains how to find the Magneto Bunker and provides several interior screenshots.

Where is the Magneto Bunker in Fortnite

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The Magneto Bunker is located south of the Grand Glacier POI on the far eastern portion of the map. We've marked the location on the map above in blue. It's partially hidden from plain view, but you can spot it quickly once you enter the area. Once you find it, the Magneto Bunker is underground and in ruins.

From a loot perspective, the Magneto Bunker contains three Chests, including the usual Fortnite items such as weapons, heals, and more. Otherwise, the bunker features high-tech computer equipment and a pair of containment tubes.

Based on Magneto's emergence in the Battle Pass, the storyline indicates he broke out of one tube. However, you might be wondering who or what was in the other tube. We will cover that in the next section.

What was in the Bunker's other containment tube?

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

Earlier in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, leakers revealed that a Wolverine Weapon X skin will be in the game later this season. It's safe to assume that the other tube in the Fortnite Magneto Bunker contained Weapon X. Although it's unclear how this storyline will play into the current season, it seems likely that the Weapon X skin will be available in the Item Shop soon.

Beyond Season 3, a leaked Fortnite roadmap has indicated that a Marvel season is on the horizon, so perhaps Magneto and Weapon X will play into that storyline. While we wait, you can now visit the bunker and even get your hands on a pair of Magneto Gauntlets.

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