Deploy a Pizza Party and feed your entire squad!

Fortnite's latest v26.10 update reintroduced the Pizza Party item–a handy healing item. In addition to the Pizza Party's return, Epic Games added a new Piper Pace challenge around the item. This guide will help you understand how to deploy a Pizza Party in Fortnite for future reference and to complete the Quest.

Where can I find the Pizza Party item?

It took us quite some time to find the Pizza Party item following the patch v26.10 update. However, we found one in a normal Chest at the Knotty Nets location. The item spawns on the ground and in Chests, so perhaps the spawn rate is slightly lower than other items.

In any case, after finding one, the Pizza Party will occupy an inventory slot while providing eight slices of pizza that you can use to simultaneously heal your HP and Shield. It's a healing asset you want to carry since you can hold up to multiple pizza slices in your inventory.

How to deploy a Pizza Party in Fortnite

After locating the item, your next step is to deploy it by throwing it on the ground. Once you have done that, the box will open, and you can now consume the pizza slices or add them to your inventory.

The Piper Pace Quest requires you to deploy a Pizza Party in one of Thorne's Strongholds in Fortnite. You can see those locations on the map below from Fortnite.GG.

Image Credit: Fortnite.GG
Image Credit: Fortnite.GG

You will see the Quest Complete ticker flash across your screen if it is done successfully. More importantly, you now understand how to deploy a Pizza Party in Fortnite, which is infinitely valuable information. The item will undoubtedly help you earn a Victory Royale or two, and who doesn't love pizza?

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