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What are the Best Fortnite weapons in Season 7?

Find the best weapons from Season 7 and learn how to pick your optimal loadout. The fully covers your weapon choices!

Want to know what are the Best Fortnite weapons? Constant weapon changes make picking a loadout difficult in Fortnite Season 7. This guide will help you decide which weapons to pick up, the heals to prioritize, and which utility items are most useful. The decision-making is based on competitive trios as the game mode. The loot pool is from the Arena and Tournament modes and I will help you decide your optimal loadout. Here are the Best Fortnite weapons based on my experience as a high level player.

Best Fortnite weapons in Season 7?

To start, we must decide on must-have weapons. For Season 7, those weapons are a shotgun and an Assault Rifle. These two weapons are the base of your loadout. The Assault Rifle (AR) provides medium and long-range damage. Additionally, it allows players to pressure walls and spray at opponents. We will talk about which specific AR to pick up down below.

The other standard weapon is a shotgun. This season includes three shotguns; Pump Shotgun, Tactical Shotgun, and Lever-action Shotgun. Regardless of your shotgun preference, you must hold one. Shotguns are the key to winning close-range engagements. It hits hard and can changes fights quickly at higher rarities. Make sure you find a shotgun and use it!

What is the best AR? AK, AR, Burst, or Pulse Rifle?

Before patch v17.30, picking your AR was easy. You would take the regular Assault Rifle 10/10 times. Then the Heavy Assault Rifle (AK) and the Pulse Rifle received buffs. Both Fortnite weapons are now in consideration for your loadout. The burst can only be crafted and not found in the natural loot pool. Most players choose to craft the Burst when finding an Epic or Legendary AK. Now let's talk about each rifle and decide which weapon works best for you.

Assault Rifle weapon guide and Damage

All stats are based on the Legendary variant of the weapon.

Assault Rifle (AR)

  • Damage - 36
  • Fire rate - 5.5
  • Magazine size - 30
  • Reload time - 2.1
  • DPS - 198

Burst Assault Rifle

  • Damage - 37
  • Fire rate - 3.95
  • Magazine size - 20
  • Reload time - 2.3
  • DPS - 146.1

Heavy Assault Rifle (AK)

  • Damage - 44
  • Fire rate - 3.75
  • Magazine size - 25
  • Reload time - 2.5
  • DPS - 165

Pulse Rifle

  • Damage - 36 (Increased damage when aiming down sight)
  • Fire rate - 4.2
  • Magazine size - 16
  • Reload time - 2.8
  • DPS - 151.2

After some testing, the Assault Rifle and the Pulse Rifle stand as the top two weapons in Fortnite.

The regular AR provides the largest clip size and great accuracy. The Pulse Rifle does insane damage when aiming down sights and has very little bloom. While the Pulse Rifle is best for medium to long-range engagements, its small clip size limits the weapon during close combat. Therefore, the weapon of choice still remains the regular AR! Easily one of the best Fortnite weapons.

What is the best shotgun? Pump vs. Tac vs. Lever

The other staple of your loadout is your shotgun. Therefore, it is extremely important to pick the shotgun that works best for you! The Lever is only available through crafting and rarely used this season. Realistically, the debate is between the Pump Shotgun and the Tactical Shotgun. Before we decide, here are the stats.

Shotgun weapon guide and Damage

All stats are based on the Legendary variant of the weapon.

Pump Shotgun

  • Damage - 116
  • Fire rate - 0.7
  • Magazine size - 5
  • Reload time - 3.7
  • DPS - 81.2

Tactical Shotgun

  • Damage - 88
  • Fire rate - 1.5
  • Magazine size - 8
  • Reload time - 5.1
  • DPS - 132

Lever Action Shotgun

  • Damage - 114.3
  • Fire rate - 0.95
  • Magazine size - 6
  • Reload time - 5.4
  • DPS - 108.6

Players with great accuracy should choose the Pump over the Tactical. Their aim will be rewarded with heavy damage and eliminations. The Tactical Shotgun does have a few advantages that require your attention. It fires faster and does more damage to builds. What the Tac lacks in player damage, it makes up in build damage. This helps you take walls and piece control players more easily. In the Shotgun category, there is no clear winner. Most players prefer the big damage from the Pump, but others still use the Tac.

What heals should I use? Do I carry a Sniper or SMG? What about utility?

This season requires a diverse inventory of healing items. Additionally, your utility will vary from game to game. The most effective players are those with adaptable playstyles. While I can talk about the idea loadout, it is often unachievable in every match. My tip: Get used to playing with everything!

The best heals for Season 7

A full trio should hold six slots, or more, of healing items. Every player should have a stack of Small Shield Potions (Minis). Then the rest of the slots should be a combination of Med Kits and Shield Potions (Bigs). When possible, players should always pick up the Chug Cannon found in Loot Llamas. Without the Chug, a trio should have 18 Minis, 6 Bigs, and 3 Med Kits. Again, this will vary from game to game, but that is my ideal heal situation without counting on the Chug Cannon.

Sniper, SMG, and Utility

Four out of five slots are fairly standard. You have the AR, Shotgun, and two heals for the first four slots. Now, we have to ask what is best for that final inventory space. In a trio, the final slot should be a combination of Snipers, SMGs, and an additional heal item. I warn you to not have three players with Sniper Rifles as you miss out on certain AR damage when looking for snipes. Two Snipers is more than enough and one is likely your best option.

So we have one Sniper, that leaves two more slots. If players find extra heals then pick them up. When your loot looks bleak, go with an SMG. It will save AR ammo and will allow you to pressure opponents in the late game. You can also pick up the Inflate A Bull for movement. I recommend playing with the Bull in Arena before trying to use it in tournaments. It is useful but can be a little tricky to get used to.

These are the loadouts I prefer and see most players using. You can always develop different styles and preferences that fix your game. I recommend trying out multiple different loadout options and finding what you most enjoy. At the end of the day, Fortnite is just a game and you should have fun! Good luck out there!