Learn how to use right-hand peaks and understand why angles matter in Fortnite. This article explains everything you need to know.

Fortnite players view the game from a third-person point of view (POV). This makes the angles and the peaks players take extremely important. Most Fortnite players know that a right-hand peak is preferable to a left-hand peak. This Fortnite Pro Tips guide will explain why that is and how players can use that knowledge to their advantage.

Fortnite point of view explained

The third-person point of view simply means you are viewing the game from behind your character. A first-person POV would be seen from the character's eyes. Since a player looks from behind a player, it gives a larger field of vision and allows players to look around objects. Players must understand how this mechanic works in order to perform at high levels.

A player's crosshair is located on the right shoulder of the character model. This means that the field of vision is slightly shifted to favor viewing anything on the right side of your character. Some games allow you to switch between the left and right, but not in Fortnite. You are locked on the right side.

This can be seen as a negative if you do not know how to properly use the field of vision to your advantage. The next section explains how to focus on right-hand peaks and using the mechanic to outplay your opponents.

How to use right-hand peaks in fights

Fortnite pplayers gain a huge advantage by using right-hand peaks in fights. This helps you output more damage than your opponent. First, let me show you an example of why this matters.

This image shows you the amount of your character model that needs to be exposed in order to take a shot. The left side clearly shows more of your character. Ultimately, the right-hand peak leaves players much less vulnerable when taking a shot. While this example is using a triangle edit, the same principle can be applied to any structure or edit in the game. Here is an example of a right-hand peak using a window edit.

To put it another way, your character model stays behind a wall or structure while still being able to output damage. As a result, most players focus on taking these types of peaks. While you still need to expose your character to deal damage, it is much less to shoot at. Therefore, the trades are typically in favor of a player with the better angle or peak.

Fortnite Pro Tips: How to force better angles and right-hand peaks

A great rule of thumb is to constantly rotate to the right while fighting. Typically, this provides you opportunities to use right-hand peaks. During fights, professional Fortnite players continuously work for the best angles and edits. They prioritize the right-hand peak. A few examples to watch are XTRA Reet, 100T MrSavage, and BL Noahreyli.

Watch these examples from Reet as he takes preferable peaks during fights.

Reet hugs the wall to hide his character model. Then he waits for the opponent to open the edit which gives Reet an opportunity to hit a shot. He hits the shot using a right-hand peak. Eventually, he jumps on his opponent, but this fight was won by taking proper angles.

Another example can be seen in the above clip. Reet works for control of the walls against his opponent. When he finally claims the wall, he edits the window. This gives Reet a huge target on his enemy, while the enemy barely has an opening on Reet. These are the kinds of fundamentals that allow Reet to be one of the best in the world. He constantly does this during games.

While professional players make this concept look easy, it must be practiced. It takes time to learn how to consistently take the proper peaks and edits against opponents. Additionally, your opponent will not allow this to happen in every single fight. The best players optimize their gameplay to utilize these mechanics and you can too!

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