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Fortnite dance with Chrome Punk quest: how to complete

Need a dance partner for Fortnitemares 2022? Chrome Punk is the perfect option. Here’s how you can complete this quest!

Fortnitemares 2022 quests are now live following the recent Halloween-themed Fortnite update. Like in recent years, players participating in the event can complete several unique challenges to earn rewards. A new quest requires you to dance with Chrome Punk. Thankfully, this quest is straightforward, and you can finish another challenge simultaneously. 

Here’s everything you need to know about where to find Chrome Punk and dance with the character. 

Where to find Chrome Punk character & how to complete the quest

Flutter Barn location
Flutter Barn location

Those looking for the Chrome Punk non-player character (NPC) should head to Flutter Barn, as marked on the map above. Chrome Punk is the only NPC roaming in this area, so he’s not incredibly difficult to find. However, proceed cautiously, as other players might land at Flutter Barn. 

Completing Dance with Chrome Punk quest
Completing Dance with Chrome Punk quest

Upon locating Chrome Punk, you would be well-advised to build around the character to keep him in place. Then, all you have to do is perform an emote to "dance" with Chrome Punk. You will see the “quest completed” ticker on your screen if done successfully. 

While working on the dance with Chrome Punk challenge, you can also work on the Zero Point pretzel quest. This one yields 15K XP and is part of the Fortnitemares 2022 event. You should be able to do both of these challenges in one match if you can avoid opponents. 

Fortnitemares 2022 rolls forward for the next 11 days. Be sure to keep an eye on the various offerings and cosmetics before the event concludes on November 1. Here is a list of the remaining challenges as it stands:

  • Dance on an Alteration Altar to get the Howler Claws
  • Hit an opponent while Wolfscent is active
  • Help defeat Inkquisitor at Grim Gables
  • Search chests at Grim Gables, the Reality Tree, or the Knowby Cabin
  • Dig up and collect Terrifying Tablature in a single match
  • Hunt zombies or zombie chicken

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