Stuck on the Zero Point pretzel quest in Fortnitemares 2022? Check out our guide to learn how you can complete it quickly!

Fortnitemares 2022 is firmly underway, and there are plenty of rewards and experiences to explore. To unlock the exclusive event cosmetics, you must complete various quests between now and November 1. One of these challenges asks players to acquire the Zero Point pretzel effect. Today, we’ll explain precisely how to complete this quest. Ultimately, you will earn yourself 15K experience points (XP), bringing you closer to unlocking the Fortnitemares 2022 cosmetics.

Find Chrome Punk NPC & purchase Zero Point pretzel

Flutter Barn location
Flutter Barn location

The easiest way to complete this quest is to head to Flutter Barn, as marked on the map above. Once there, you’ll find the new Chrome Punk non-player character (NPC) roaming around the area. Keep an eye out for the dialogue box above his head to locate him quickly.

Purchasing Zero Point Pretzel from Chrome Punk
Purchasing Zero Point Pretzel from Chrome Punk

After finding him, your next step is building walls around him, provided you play Battle Royale mode. This method will keep Chrome Punk from walking away and prevent opponents from firing upon you. Then, speak to Chrome Punk – you will see three options. One of these options is to purchase Zero Point pretzels for 120 gold.

If you have enough gold, you can purchase three of the five Chrome Punk has in stock. After buying the three Zero Point pretzels, you must consume them. However, it’s worth noting that these consumable items do not stack, meaning you must wait for the Zero Point effects to wear off before eating another. Lastly, you should repeat this process three times, and you have finished the quest.

Here’s a quick recap of the steps you need to take:

  1. Land at Flutter Barn
  2. Locate Chrome Punk
  3. Place a box around him to keep him in place
  4. Initiate a dialogue
  5. Purchase three Zero Point pretzels for 120 gold each
  6. Consume each Zero Point pretzel after the previous one’s effects have worn off

If done correctly, you will collect the 15K XP reward and come closer to unlocking the Fortnitemares 2022 cosmetics.

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