Ever seen someone do the Bust a Move emote in Fortnite?

Since its start, Fortnite has been adding fun emotes into the game, allowing players to show off their dance movies after eliminating an opponent. Eventually, the game started releasing Icon Series emotes, which are moves inspired by someone in the real world. One of their famous emotes, Bust a Move, is back in the Icon Shop, so let's talk about it.

When did the Bust a Move emote release? What song is it a dance to? Here are the answers to all your questions and more.

What is the Bust a Move emote in Fortnite?

Stemming from the iconic hit, "Bust a Move," by Young MC, the popular emote became a hit with Fortnite fans when it was first released. In fact, many fans of the dance probably had never even heard the song in the first place, meaning Fortnite has helped to introduce classics to a younger fanbase.

The original Bust a Move hit was released back in 1989, making it a classic amongst rap fans. So when did it come to Fortnite?

The Bust a Move emote was first released back in September of 2023, making it not even a year old. Since then, it has only been in the item shop six different times, with its most recent being April 11, 2024.

How much does the emote cost?

If you are looking to purchase the Bust a Move emote in the Fortnite Item Shop, then you will be lucky to know it is decently cheap.

Here is the official cost of the Bust a Move emote in the Fortnite Item Shop:

  • 500 V-Bucks

The slogan for the move is "It's not gonna bust itself." Drop off the Battle Bus and break down on your opponents with the emote, showing them who's boss.

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