Fortnite has added a new Emote to the Icon Series.

Fortnite's newest dance is here, and fans are going crazy over the Squabble Emote. The simple but fun dance, which hit the Item Shop in the last 24 hours has already created a craze within the Fortnite community.

But what exactly is the Squabble Emote in Fortnite? And why is it getting so popular?

A history of the Squabble dance and why the Emote is in Fortnite

It seems like every famous dance finds its way into the spotlight because of TikTok these days, and a large majority of Icon Series emotes in Fortnite tend to come from TikTok dances.

The Squabble, which is a simple but fun dance, was recently made famous in 2023 when popular NFL players C.J. Stroud and Chris Olave began doing the dance whenever they would get a touchdown.

Soon TikTok picked up on the dance, which made it blow up within the entertainment community. Soon, everyone was attempting the dance on TikTok. Now Epic Games has picked up on the trend, putting the Emote into the Fortnite universe, using the song "Soak City (Do it)" by 310Babii.

How to get The Squabble Emote in Fortnite

Grabbing The Squabble Emote for yourself is quite easy, as long as you have V-Bucks. Players who want the popular Icon Series dance for themselves simply just have to purchase the Emote within the Item Shop.

The Squabble Emote price:

  • 300 V-Bucks

This low price makes it an easy Emote to get, meaning we should be seeing quite a few people flexing on players with The Squabble after an elimination. When scrolling through the Item Shop, you will see The Squabble Emote in its own section. Click on the dance to purchase.

Which Icon Series Emote is your favorite?

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