Ready to complete the Fortnite Reload tests?

The OG map is back with Fortnite Reload, and many gamers are jumping into the action to get a taste of the nostalgia that made this game so amazing. With the new game mode, though, comes some new quests.

Here are all the Fortnite Reload quests, rewards and how to complete them.

All Fortnite Reload quests

Fortnite is notorious for giving players new quests each time an update drops. These quests, once completed, offer a nice amount of XP and other rewards.

All in all, Fortnite Reload has 12 quests that players can complete.

Fortnite Reload quests:

  • Thank the Bus Driver five times.
  • Deal 5000 points of damage to enemy players.
  • Outlast players 500 times.
  • Complete 12 Reload Daily Quests.
  • Acquire 10 Accolades.
  • Collect 25 items.
  • Collect or spend 500 Bars.
  • Assist or eliminate 25 enemy players.
  • Travel 5000 distance after exiting the Battle Bus.
  • Survive 25 Storm Circles.
  • Restore 1000 points of health or shields.
  • Search 20 chests.

While some may seem easier than others, the majority of these quests can be done in one game. Once completed, players will be able to claim their rewards. So, what exactly do players get in return for completing these quests?


Luckily, there is a reward for completing each singular quest in Fortnite Reload: 20,000 XP. This means once completing every quest you will have been awarded 240,000 XP. Quite a bit of XP, right?

Not only do you get XP, though, but after completing three quests, you get the Digital Dogfight Contrail, the Pool Cubes Wrap after completing six and the NaNa Bath Back Bling after completing nine.

Jump into the OG map now and complete these quests to get your rewards!