When will Frostivus end in 2023? Get your treasures fast cover image

When will Frostivus end in 2023? Get your treasures fast

Valve hid the end date of Frostivus 2023, but we found the final date to grab your fancy treasures and stickers.

Valve really threw a bone to the casual player base for Frostivus this year, but the celebration won’t last forever. As the holiday season comes to a close, so too will Dota 2’s latest season event.

When does Frostivus 2023 end?

The end date of Frostivus 2023 is Jan. 11, 2024. The final day to collect rewards was revealed in the initial Frostivus announcement in tiny text under the section detailing the seasonal chest. All of the in-game event flavor will disappear on that date. Your high-fives will no longer be warming cups of hot cocoa, and the beloved Santa hats will be put away until at least next year. No more snowball fights mid or kicking around penguins in the side lanes either.

Most importantly, most of the content available in the battle pass-esque progression system will vanish. When the dust settles, what will players keep?

What goes away at the end of Frostivus?

The various Christmas-themed stickers, including Nutcracker Hoodwink and Grinch Necrophos, will no longer be available. Players who have already earned those cosmetics will keep the sticker versions but will lose the seasonal sprays. The seasonal loading screens, however, will remain for players who want to keep their Christmas spirit all year long.

Frostivus 2023 neutral item chests (Image via Valve)
Frostivus 2023 neutral item chests (Image via Valve)

The most important thing is the Frostivus 2023 Treasure Chest, which contains exclusive new cosmetics for several heroes including variants for the Crystal Maiden Persona and Wraith King Arcana. This chest will likely be the only way to obtain the top-tier variants and festive Immortal sets for quite some time, so stock up while you can.

Based on the Dead Reckoning event, players will most likely still be able to open Frostivus chests after the end of the event on Jan. 11. All chests claimed by players will remain in their inventories, and keys will most likely also remain available via the in-game store. The rarer sets in the collection could fetch a pretty penny on the Steam Market, so saving them as an investment may not be a bad idea.

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