Dota 2 Frostivus Treasure Chests – All sets, how to get, and more! cover image

Dota 2 Frostivus Treasure Chests – All sets, how to get, and more!

Frostivus is here! And that means a new Frostivus Treasure Chest and dozens of sets to unlock. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Those sleigh bells are ringing, and magic is in the air, because Frostivus has arrived in Dota 2, and with it a host of new sets in the Frostivus Treasure Chest. These seasonal chests contain new sets, and stocking stuffers (stickers, emotes, and wards), to get you in the holiday spirit. Anyway, here’s all the info you need on Frostivus Treasure Chests in Dota 2!

How to get Frostivus Treasure Chests in Dota 2

To get Frostivus Treasure Chests, and the new Treasure set, you’ll just need to play Dota 2 (horrible, we know.) Each match you play you’ll fill up your Frostivus Spirit Meter, and once it fills up, you’ll receive a chest. You’ll also receive 2000 bonus points towards your meter for your first win each day. As usual, you’ll receive half points for a Turbo game victory.

  • 300 points for a victory
  • 150 points for a loss
  • 25 for each tip
  • 2000 points for your first win of the day
  • Half points for a Turbo Victory/Loss
  • The amount of points to unlock a chest increases the more you get.

How to unlock Frostivus Treasure Chests in Dota 2

To unlock Frostivus Treasure Chests You’ll need a Frostivus Treasure Key. These are purchasable from the Frostivus Treasure Chest unlock screen and cost $2.49. There is currently no way to get free keys, although it’s speculated there will be a way in the future.

All Frostivus Treasure Chest Sets

The Frostivus Treasure Chest contains 30 potential sets, as well as two Courier skins. The majority of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 sets are previously released sets, but from Tier 3 onwards, it’s all brand new, and includes some Personas and Arcanas for really rare materials.

Tier 1

  • Serac and Floe - the Seal Bundle Couriers
  • Mistress of the Long Night Death Prophet
  • First Night of the Summer Child Enchantress
  • Powdersled Rookery Techies
  • Trail of the Gre Ghost Lycan
  • Frostreach Brigands Alchemist
  • Trek of the Trailblazer Timbersaw
  • Northern Blight Invoker
  • Icewrack Marauder Troll Warlord
  • Pack-Ice Privateer Kunkka
  • Forgotten Renegade Keeper of the Light
  • Ruler of the Frostbite Dunes Sand King
  • Hunt of the Odobenus One Pudge
  • Apex Explorer Batrider

Tier 2

  • Winter Lineage Bite of the Suging Wind Spirit Breaker
  • The Gaze of Zebulon Drow Ranger
  • Hush of Eternal Night Silencer
  • Hunter of the Crystal Drift Ursa
  • Rites of Vile Convocation Lich
  • Curious Coldspell Puck
  • Frostmoot Tiny

Tier 3

  • Lumpo and Rupertus Alchemist
  • The Abominable Snowbeast Primal Beast
  • Silent Wight Ancient Apparition
  • Silver Squall Snapfire (Immortal)
  • Orbuculum Equinox Arc Warden (Immortal)
  • Jingle Fist Bundle Tusk (Immortal)
  • Frosty the Sew-Man Pudge (Immortal) (Persona)

Tier 4

  • Guardian Snow Angle Crystal Maiden (Set + Persona)
  • King Kringle Wraith King (Set + Arcana)

Cosmically Rare

  • Gingerbread Baby Roshan Courier

Variant sets?

According to the Frostivus website: "Every time you unbox a set, you'll also have a chance to unlock a bonus Unusual variant of one of the items in that set! And like most miracles, the odds of actually getting your hands on it are pretty close to being hit by a meteor, so don't clear a space for it in your Armory just yet." Still, it's cool that you might be able to get something rare

Stocking Stuffers?

Even if you don't get the rare variants, you'll still have the chance to get the seasonally named Stocking Stuffers. These include Sprays, Stickers, Emoticons, and even a Ward Skin. These are guaranteed to drop every time you fill up your Frostivus Spirit Meter.

Free Personas and Arcanas?

Yes! If you roll as set that happens to be a Persona or Arcana (Frosty the Sew-Man Pudge, Guardian Snow Angle Crystal Maiden, or King Kringle Wraith King) you’ll get that original style of Persona or Arcana for free. The description for these skins says “Includes X Persona/Arcana.” Merry Frostivus!

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