You can get a free Persona for Mirana right now in Dota 2 and all it’s going to take is to win some games. Think you can handle that?

Personas are some of the best and most beloved sets in Dota 2. Think about Kidvoker, or Toy Butcher Pudge, people love these things! So why not get one for free…

Currently in Dota 2 there’s one Persona you can get completely for free, no money, and it’s no longer available any other way. That’s the Mirana of Nightsilver Persona, a set that gives Mirana the same appearance she had during the Dota: Dragon’s Blood animated series. Here’s how you do it:

How to get Mirana of Nightsilver Persona for free in Dota 2

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You can grab your own Mirana of the Night Silver Persona completely for free just by winning games until September 7, 2023. That’s because a new Mirana Persona Bundle was included in the Treasure of the 10-Year Anniversary. 

Each time you win a game during the anniversary period, you’ll be granted a Treasure of the 10-Year Anniversary. And unboxing it has the chance to grant you the 10th Anniversary Mirana Persona Bundle. This includes the original Mirana of Nightsilver Persona, and a new variant based on her appearance during the second season of the show.

Now, the Mirana bundle is a Legendary item in the Treasure, so we don't expect it to drop right away. But you can handle winning a few games of Dota over the next month, right?

Given the Mirana of Nightsilver Persona was a reward for leveling the Aghanim's Labyrinth Battle Pass to 135, getting the set this way is practically a steal. It’s now an unavailable item, and this could be your last chance to get it.

What do you get in the Mirana Persona?

The Dota 2 Dragon's Blood Mirana Persona has the following features:

  • New minimap icon
  • New top icon
  • New portrait
  • New animations and ability icons
  • New voice lines
  • New responses to voice lines

Overall, it's almost a complete transformation of the character. It’s still Mirana but she’s anime now. Perfect for all those weebs out there playing Dota. We see you. We know about the Marci custom skins...

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