Can you name the Dota 2 hero?! [10K MMR Challenge] cover image

Can you name the Dota 2 hero?! [10K MMR Challenge]

Do you know Dota 2 heroes by heart? Test your knowledge with our “Guess the Hero” quiz!

If you need some Dota 2 fun, we have just the quiz for you.

Here is how it goes: The quiz shows a crop of a Dota 2 hero. It can be their eyes, arm, clothes, gear - any random part and you will have to guess what hero it is. Simple! There will be 15 rounds including a Bonus Round that rewards more points if you guess correctly. Do note that the cropped images are taken from heroes in their default sets.


  • Guess 16 different heroes.
  • Each correct guess earns you 1 point and a wrong guess earns you 0 points.
  • The final round is a BONUS question and it earns you 5 points.
  • The cropped images are from heroes in their DEFAULT SETS. There are no cosmetics.
  • There is no timer.
  • The answers are not case sensitive and they ignore spaces.
  • Spelling error equals WRONG ANSWER. Make sure to submit the correct spelling!

Play the quiz below!

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