Cap got together his friends and colleagues to take’s Dota 2 Quiz Challenge and here’s how it turned out.

In our latest video,’s host Austin “Cap” Walsh got together his friends and colleagues to take our Dota 2 Quiz Challenge.

Before we get into the quiz, let’s meet our group of contenders:

  • Insania, captain of Team Liquid with a first-seed achievement in the WEU DPC Regional League.
  • SVG, former captain of Quincy Crew and now an active caster blessing the desk with his expertise.
  • Jenkins – bright, energetic caster and a not-so undercover player for Arkosh Gaming.
  • Long-time casters, Lyrical and Trent with 7 years of experience in the field.
  • Sheepsticked – streamer and caster who has just begun her journey on the broadcast panel.

The ultimate Dota 2 quiz challenge

The Dota 2 Quiz Challenge gives 15 questions (some giving more points than the other) touching on every angle of Dota 2 – from the in-game numbers to the professional scene facts. If you’re feeling a little competitive, track your own score and see how well YOU do against the group of Dota 2 talent. Do note that this video was filmed on Patch 7.30, so a couple of the answers have been changed!

Watch the amusing talents answer head-scratching, tricky questions of Dota 2.

Want to try it yourself first? Here’s the link to our Dota 2 Quiz.

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