Can’t come to Seattle? Then check out the nearest official pub stomps around the globe to watch The International 2023.

Can't make it to The International 2023 (TI12) in Seattle? Rejoice! For the first time ever, Valve is officially hosting pub stomps around the world. In partnership with Barcraft United, you can now find the nearest pub stomps in your country to enjoy some TI12 action with friends and fans.

Locations of the Dota 2 International 2023 pub stomps

TI11 (2022) pub stomp at Belushi's, Berlin (Image by Wong)
TI11 (2022) pub stomp at Belushi's, Berlin (Image by Wong)

Barcraft United organizes these pub stomps by collaborating directly with the community from various countries. You can find these pub stomps at your local LAN cafes, bars, cinemas or even private homes. Below, we have listed some of the the pub stomps that are available. For more information and full list, visit the Barcraft website.



Asia, MENA & Oceania

These community-led pub stomps are the perfect way to connect and forge new friendships with fans just like yourself. There will be a lot of exciting moments you will experience by attending them and one of which is a potential opportunity to featured on the official broadcast of The International 2023.

So be on the lookout and let's watch some Dota! Stay tuned to for the latest Dota 2 news and updates as well as information on TI12.