The Solitude of the Winter Squall is the newest Immortal for Winter Wyven and here’s how to get it.

Praise Gaben, Crownfall Act 3 is finally out. With the Frosts of Icewrack comes a brand new special Immortal reward for players to earn in the third act. Act three of Dota 2's Crownfall event features a new immortal for everyone's favorite frost dragon, Winter Wyvern. The Solitude of the Winter Squall is the newest Immortal for Winter Wyvern and here's how to get it.

Winter Wyverns's Crownfall Immortal

Crownfall Act one has Riki's Shifty Shortblade. Act two has Centaur's Graxx Strap. Now, with Act Three of Crownfall we have Winter Wyvern's Solitude of the Winter Squall Immortal. This Immortal changes and upgrades (only aesthetically) Winter Wyven's Splinter Blast ability. Not to mention the Immortal gives Winter Wyvern a pretty nice armored back piece that compliments most sets. Although that won't really help Winter Wyvern in the game from getting wiped out by a farmed core, you'll look pretty while it happens.

The new Immortal for Winter Wyvern featured in Crownfall Act Three turns splinter blast's icicle projectile into a golden flame-like one. The combination of added effects, ambient effects, and overall aesthetic quality of the armor make this Immortal a great grab for Winter Wyvern players.

How to unlock the Immortal

Unlocking the Winter Wyvern Crownfall Immortal is easier said than done. Unfortunately, the Immortal is locked behind a paywall. Specifically, the Pathfinder pack for Act Three of Crownfall. This Icewrak Pathfinder's pack includes both new Act Three side quests, The Lost Ziggurat and The Call of Ugnattu. The latter is where players unlock the Winter Wyvern Immortal.

So to unlock the Winter Wyvern Immortal, players will need to purchase (or have been gifted) the Icewrack Pathfinder Pack for $15. Then, players need to progress through the Crownfall Act three map to the Call of Ugnattu quest line, and then complete it to claim the reward.

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