No need for some Dust of Apperance to find this side quest

The Crownfall update gave a brand new adventure for Dota 2 players to dive into as they explore the markets of Midgate. As players work through the map, they'll encounter two optional side quests. However, they are locked behind a Midgate Pathfinder pack, which costs around $15 USD. However, fret not, as we'll recap the Missing Smith side quest so you don't need to pay.

The Missing Smith Side quest is pretty short, with the quest only taking six chapters to conclude. At least compared to Meepo's Crownfall side quest called Divided We Fall, which is 10 chapters. Regardless, we've complied all the dialogue from The Missing Smith Side Quest into one place.

All Story Dialogue from Riki's Crownfall Missing Smith Side Quest

Chapter 1

The trio of Dragonous, Scree'Auk, and Shendelzare take a wrong turn and get lost. As the group continues down the street, Shen feels like she's being watched by something. Although she doesn't know what.

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Chapter 2

Shen lets Dragonous know that they are being watched. So, the two pull out the nightmare for any Riki player, Dust of Appearance. Conveniently, our favorite invisible trickster reveals himself, has been watching them all along.

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Chapter 3

The trio confronts Riki, asking why he's following them. However, that's not the case. Riki is on a quest of his own, searching for his knife.

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Chapter 4

It turns out that Riki has hired the best blacksmith on this side of the Abyss, Shifty Busko to craft him a new dagger. Despite Riki paying in advance, the blacksmith has gone missing. This predicament has given the same level of frustration that support players that have to play against Riki, to Riki. And so Shen decides she wants to help Riki find the Smith, and subsequently his dagger.

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Chapter 5

The powerless God Scree'Auk finds the bladesmith hiding in a barrel from Riki. Turns out Shifty Busko has a bounty on him. So, he was worried Riki would use his new dagger to claim the bounty as soon as the bladesmith gave it to him.

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Chapter 6

After clearing the misunderstanding between Riki and Shifty, Riki finally gets his prize. Not without one too many questions about the bounty on Shifty's head. Regardless, it's all happy endings with Riki receiving his dagger and Shifty Busko not dying. Before the group parts ways, Shen asks if Riki to help our Shen with her quest. However Riki poofed away in a smoke bomb before giving an answer.

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Although the story of The Missing Smith ends on a cliffhanger whether Riki will help or not, it's still worth completing. As the reward for the completion of Riki's Crownfall quest is an immortal for the trickster himself. But, knowing Riki, this isn't the last we'll see of him.

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