Here are all 124 Innate Abilities in Dota 2.

Innate Abilities is a key update in Patch 7.36 and is one of the largest additions to Dota 2 in general. It gives all 124 Dota 2 heroes one unique ability or ability upgrade from the very start of a game until the end. Finding out each and every hero's Innate Ability can be a bit taxing, so we have compiled a complete list for you below!

A list of all Innate Abilities in Dota 2

Innate Ability
Font of Avernus
Abaddon has a 10% faster respawn time
Greevil's Greed
Now an Innate, remains the same
Ancient Apparition
Death Rime
Abilities now also apply frost stacks that deal 10 damage/second and 1.5% movement slow for each stack on the enemy
Mana Break
Now an Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Arc Warden
Runic Infusion
Upon activating any rune, gain the Regeneration buff for 4s. Duration is reduced by 34% for Bounty or Water Runes.
Coat of Blood
Whenever Axe kills an enemy, he gains +1 permanent armor. Kills with Culling Blade gives 2x that amount.
Ichor of Nyctasha
Bane's attribute gains are always evenly distributed across all three attributes.
Smoldering Resin
Batrider's attacks apply a debuff that deals 15% of the attack damage every 1s for 2s. Damage over time pierces damage block.
Inner Beast
Now an Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points.
Passive ability that improves with Bloodseeker's level.
When Bloodseeker kills a unit, he restores 25 health + 1% of the unit's max health per BS level. Restores for half value when denying or if an ally kills an enemy hero within 300 range.
Bounty Hunter
Big Game Hunter
When getting a kill or assist on an enemy with a kill streak, Bounty Hunter gains 10% extra gold.
Drunken Brawler
Now an Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points.
Now an Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Spider's Milk
Whenever Broodmother kills a unit, she and all units under her control in a 600 radius receive a fully stackable buff that heals them for 4% of the victim's health each second. Duration: 3s
Centaur Warrunner
Centaur Warrunner permanently gain +40 max health every 120s
Chaos Knight
Reins of Chaos
Whenever illusions of Chaos Knight are created, there is a 50% chance that an additional 1 illusion will spawn
Summon Convert
Active ability, levels up with Holy Persuasion and improves with Chen's level.
Chen summons a convert (depending on Facet chosen) to fight for him. The convert gains bonuses from Holy Persuasion, with the exception of Health, which is set to 200 + 80 x Chen's Level. Only one convert can be summoned at a time, and it dies if Chen dies.
Bone and Arrow
Clinkz' death and some of his abilities can summon immobile Skeleton Archers to attack enemies. Skeletons deal a percentage of Clinkz' attack damage and have his attack range, but deal reduced damage to buildings. 
Armor Power
Outgoing damage is increased by 0.3% per point of armor
Crystal Maiden
Blueheart Floe
Crystal Maiden has 50% Mana Regen Amplification
Dark Seer
Mental Fortitude
Dark Seer's Intelligence cannot be lower than either his Strength or Agility. If any of these attributes are higher, he gains Intelligence to match them
Dark Willow
Pixie Dust
Whenever a hero ability makes Dark Willow untargetable or hidden she gains +100% Health Regen and +100% Mana Regen while in that state
Break of Dawn
Whenever the sun rises, Dawnbreaker gradually reveals the entire map to allies over 4 seconds. Fog of War returns in 1 second after that
Ability returns as a passive Innate.
Dazzle's abilities apply Weave to both allies and enemies they affect, increasing allied armor and reducing enemy armor. Multiple instances of this effect stack.
Death Prophet
Ability returns as a passive Innate, improves with Death Prophet's level
Death Prophet gains 0.5% movement speed per level, and reduced cooldown of abilities by 0.5% per level
Electromagnetic Repulsion
Whenever Disruptor takes more than 250 damage from enemies within 400 range, all nearby units are pushed to a 400 unit distance from Disruptor.
Lvl ? Pain
Doom deals 10% bonus attack damage to enemies whose level is lower than his
Dragon Knight
Dragon Blood
Now a passive Innate, improves with Dragon Knight's level
Provides Dragon Knight with +4.5 Health Regen and +2.5 Armor, which are further increased by 0.5 with every hero level
Health Regen and Armor bonuses are multiplied by 1.5x while in Dragon form
Drow Ranger
Precision Aura
Ability returns as a passive Innate, improves with Drow's level
Grants bonus Agility to Drow Ranger and allied ranged heroes within 1200 range. Effect starts with 1% of Drow Ranger's current Agility and increases by 1% with each Drow Ranger's level. Bonus is doubled for Drow Ranger herself
Earth Spirit
Stone Remnant
Remains as an active Innate, improves with Earth Spirit's levels
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Elder Titan
Astral Spirit
Now an active Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Ember Spirit
Flame Guard
Now an active Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Flame Guard passively deals 10/15/20/25/30 damage in a 150 radius. Activating it increases damage radius to 500 and increases damage per second
Forest Freebie
Whenever Enchantress is about to receive a Neutral Item token from Neutral creep, she gets 1 more, if available
Gravity Well
Allies near Enigma have an Incoming Damage Reduction buff that gradually increases with proximity to Enigma. Effect starts with 0% at 500 distance and increases up to 15% at 200 distance
Faceless Void
Distortion Field
Enemy attack projectiles are slowed when they fly near Faceless Void. Affects projectiles even if Faceless Void isn't the target. Projectile Slow: 25/30/35/40%, Radius: 500
Ink Trail
Adds an effect to Grimstroke's attacks that causes enemy heroes to leave a trail of ink behind them for 4s, gaining a vision over them but not over their surroundings
Chop Shop
Gyrocopter can disassemble most items at all times and sells any Recipe he has for a full cost
Mistwoods Wayfarer
Levels up with Sharpshooter.
Hoodwink passively has a 15/20/25/30% chance to redirect attacks into a tree within 275 units, destroying it
Blood Magic
Huskar doesn't have mana. Mana Cost of Items and Abilities are converted into Health costs, which are considered as Magical Damage and can be reduced with Magic Resistance
When Invoker denies a lane creep, he gets 15% of the experience
Sight Seer
Io's team takes 1s less to channel Watchers. When Watcher is under their control, its vision radius is increased by 300
Double Trouble
Jakiro's attack launches two projectiles at the target with a 0.2s interval, but each deals 50% less damage. One of these attacks ignores melee heroes' default damage block. This penalty affects bonus damage as well
Juggernaut deals 10% more damage to targets that are facing him. Damage bonus is always applied during Omnislash
Keeper of the Light
Mana Magnifier
Allies within 900 range of Keeper of the Light have 15% more max mana
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Legion Commander
Moment of Courage
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Area of Effect for Leshrac's spells increases by 0.5 for each point of Intelligence
Death Charge
Lich's max mana regeneration is 0. Whenever any unit dies nearby, Lich restores a portion of his Max Mana. Dying heroes restore a bigger portion. Works with deaths of both allies, enemies, and neutrals. Lich can regenerate mana only under effect of a Fountain. 
Now a passive Innate, levels up with Infest
Now also allows hitting allied creeps at 75% health compared to default 50%
Fiery Soul
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
To Hell and Back
Lion gains 20% debuff duration and 20% spell amplification for 90s after respawning
Lone Druid
Summon Spirit Bear
Now an active Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Selemene's Favor
Luna has 20% bonus cast range at night
Apex Predator
Lycan deals 2% extra damage to neutral creeps per hero level
Solid Core
Magnus suffers 50% less forced movement from enemy's abilities/items
Special Delivery
Permanently increases the level of all allied couriers by 3 and hero attacks to kill by 1
This means Marci's team starts with flying couriers
Mars and his allied heroes within 2000 radius gain increased Health Regen when they are outnumbered by the enemy in the same area. Each extra enemy hero provides 25% bonus Health Regen
Mana Shield
Remains as a passive Innate, can be leveled up with skill points
Sticky Fingers
Meepo receives an additional choice when activating neutral item tokens
Selemene's Faithful
Healing Lotuses are 20% more effective on Mirana and her allies
Monkey King
Now an active Innate
Morphling receives 50% of Attribute gain bonuses every half level instead of full bonuses at level up. Also increases All Attributes bonus gained for skill points in the Talent Tree from +2 to +4
Muerta can always attack Ethereal targets, and can attack when she herself is Ethereal. When attacking ethereal targets, all of her attack damage is dealt as magical damage
Naga Siren
Naga Siren gets +6% Evasion for each Naga Siren within 900 Radius
Nature's Prophet
Spirit of the Forest
Passive ability that levels up with Nature's Call
Nature's Prophet gains 2/3/4/5/6% bonus base damage for each tree within 300 distance of him. Also gains multiplied amount of this bonus per Nature's Call treant within 1200 range
Ability returns as a passive Innate, levels up with Reaper's Scythe
Whenever Necrophos kills a unit, he gains a stack that increases Health and Mana Regen by 4/5/6/7. Hero kills provide 6 stacks
Night Stalker
Heart of Darkness
At night, Night Stalker's Health Regen is increased by 40%, but during the day it is decreased by 20%
Nyx Assassin
Nyxth Sense
Nyx Assassin can sense invisible heroes in a 400 radius
Ogre Magi
Dumb Luck
Remains as a passive Innate
No longer increases Multicast Chance by default
Degen Aura
Ability returns as a passive Innate, levels up with Guardian Angel
Degenerates the movement capabilities of enemy units that stray too near. Movement Slow: 10/20/30/40%
Oracle will predict and announce to allies, where the next power rune will spawn (top or bottom)
Outworld Devourer
Ominous Discernment
Outworld Destroyer gains 2 extra mana per point of Intelligence
Fortune Favors the Bold
Whenever an enemy within 1200 units attacks Pangolier, they have their chance to proc random on-attack effects reduced by 40%
Phantom Assassin
Phantom Assassin starts with 15% Evasion and gets +1.5% per level
Phantom Lancer
Phantom Rush
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Blinding Sun
Debuffs from Icarus Dive, Fire Spirits, Sun Ray, and Supernova apply a stackable 2% miss chance per second. Lasts 5 seconds. Applying new stack refreshes the duration
Primal Beast
Due to his size, Primal Beast does 40% bonus damage to buildings
Puck restores 2% of its max health and 2% of its max mana every time it disjoints an attack projectile. Disjointing spell projectiles restore 3x more health and mana
Flesh Heap
Now a passive Innate, levels up with Dismember
Pudge permanently gains 1.4/1.6/1.8/2 Strength any time he kills an enemy hero or whenever an enemy hero dies within 450 radius
Oblivion Savant
Pugna can use any spells and items while channeling, with the exception of ones that also require channeling
Queen of Pain
Whenever an enemy within 1200 range deals spell damage to Queen of Pain, she returns 10% of the damage dealt
Unstable Current
Ability returns as a passive Innate, improves with Razor's level
Increases movement speed by 1% per level
Ability returns as a passive Innate, levels up with Cloack and Dagger
When Riki strikes an enemy from behind, he deals bonus damage based on his Agility. Hero Damage per Agility: 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6
Might and Magus
Spell Amplification also increases Rubick's base attack damage by 100% of its value and Magic Resistance by 50% of its value
Sand King
Caustic Finale
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and levels up with Epicenter
No longer slows enemies
Shadow Demon
Shadow Demon's attacks apply a stacking debuff that amplifies damage taken by the target by 2% per stack. Debuff duration is 8 seconds which is refreshed with every stack
Shadow Fiend
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and levels up with Requiem of Souls
Shadow Shaman
Fowl Play
Whenever Shadow Shaman takes lethal damage, he survives as a 1 HP chicken with movement speed increased by 10%. Applies Strong Dispel upon transformation and provides 0.75s protection from all damage. Hex Duration: 3s. 
Brain Drain
Silencer permanently steals Intelligence from enemy heroes he kills or that die nearby. Intelligence Stolen: 2, Steal Radius: 925
Skywrath Mage
Ruin and Restoration
Passively provides Skywrath Mage with 20/30/40/50% Spell Lifesteal
Seaborn Sentinel
Levels up with Corossive Haze
Slardar gains bonus movement speed, health regeneration, attack damage, and armor while in a puddle or river. 
Levels up with Shadow Dance
When not visible to the enemy team, Slark gains bonus +4/24/36/48% Movement Speed and +8/60/90/120 Health Regen
Snapfire's attacks deal 25% more damage, but they have a 25% chance of making a glancing shot that will deal 50% less damage
Keep Scope
Levels up with Assassinate
Increases Sniper's attack range by 100/200/300/400
Spectre and her illusions permanently have phased movement
Spirit Breaker
Herd Mentality
Provides the hero in your team with the least Experience points with a buff, that increases their Experience gain by 50% until they reach the level to match the second least. Can apply to Spirit Breaker as well
Storm Spirit
Storm Spirit gains a charge of 0.2 Mana Regen any time he kills an enemy hero or whenever an enemy hero dies within 1200 range. Gains 5 charges on leveling up Ball Lightning. Loses 3 charges on death
Every time Storm Spirit gains a charge he also permanently gains +0.1 Mana Regen
Sven's attacks deals 15% more damage to stunned enemies
Minefield Sign
Remains as an active Innate
Templar Assassin
Psi Blades
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Dark Unity
Illusions under Terrorblade's control that are within range receive a damage bonus. Illusions outside of the range receive a damage penalty. Range: 1200, Bonus Damage: 25%, Damage Penalty: 50%
Tidehunter removes negative status effects if he takes more than 500 damage from player-controlled sources. Dispel type: Strong. Damage counter resets after 7s
Exposure Therapy
Levels up with Chakram
Timbersaw restores 3/4/5/6 mana every time he destroys a tree
Tinker gains 1% item cooldown reduction per 4 Intelligence, up to 60%
Craggy Exterior
Ability returns as a passive Innate, levels up with Grow
Enemies that attack Tiny get a stacking debuff that decreases their attack damage by 2/3/4/5% per stack. Max Stacks 10. Debuff Duration: 5s. Each stack refreshes duration. Debuff Immune enemies aren't affected and don't receive stacks
Treant Protector
Nature's Guise
Remains as a passive Innate
Troll Warlord
Berserker's Rage
Now a togglable Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Bitter Chill
Levels up with ability of selected Facet
Passively slows the attack speed of all enemies in 350 radius by 10/20/30/40/50
Atrophy Aura
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Ceaseless Dirge
When Undying dies he will automatically respawn in the fountain. Begins the game on cooldown. Cooldown: 480s
Ursa gains 1.5% of his current Health as damage
Vengeful Spirit
Whenever an enemy hero kills Vengeful Spirit, they get a debuff until their next death, causing Vengeful Spirit to deal 10% bonus damage to them
Poison Sting
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Corrossive Skin
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Gravekeeper's Cloak
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Void Spirit
Intrinsic Edge
Void Spirit gains 33% more secondary bonuses from Primary Attributes
Eldritch Summoning
Levels up with Chaotic Offering
Whenever a unit dies under effect of any of Warlock's abilities, a Minor Imp is spawned in their place. Imps are uncontrollable and will run towards nearby enemies, favoring Heroes under the effect of Fatal Bonds. Upon reaching an enemy they explode, dealing damage in AoE. If there are no valid units nearby, they will attack buildings by hand, dealing minor damage
Geminate Attack
Now a passive Innate, rescaled and can be leveled up with skill points
Easy Breezy
Windranger's movement speed is always as fast as the wind, and cannot be lower than 240. Max Movement Speed increased from 550 to 600
Winter Wyvern
Eldwurm Scholar
When an allied hero picks up a Wisdom Rune, the 3 heroes that would not benefit from will gain 20% of the experience instead
Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor starts the game with Gris-Gris, a Neutral item that cannot be dropped or placed in the backpack. When the owner dies, 100% of the gold lost from death is added to the item cost, which also passively increases by 1 gold every 3s. Can be consumed to permanently remove the item and refund the gold to Witch Doctor. 
Wraith King
Vampiric Spirit
Now a passive Innate ability, levels up with Reincarnation
Passively provides 20/30/40/50% Lifesteal. Lifesteal against creeps is reduced by 40%
When slain, Wraith King is transformed into an untargetable wraith with free pathing and increased Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Only transforms before the actual deaths, not before Reincarnation. Can still Reincarnate while in wraith form if Reincarnation went off cooldown during it.
Static Field
Ability returns as a passive Innate
Zeus shocks any enemy that he attacks or is hit by his abilities, causing damage equal to 4% of their current health

Patch 7.36 is massive and it will take a while for players to settle down. If you're keen to spam some pubs and aren't sure of which heroes to pick, go to our piece below for some tips! You can also read about summary of the patch here.