Stuck looking for books? We have the answers for how to complete the Diablo 4 Kulle’s Heart quest and where to find that old man’s journals.

Look, if you're into stuff like reading an old, dead wizards diary then we aren't going to stop you. After all, it's now the Season of the Construct and we all have stuff to get done in Diablo 4. That said, when dealing with a dude that's been dead since Diablo 3 like Zoltun Kulle it may be best to stay away. But, if you insist we'll help you break open the burn books and finish the Diablo 4 Kulle's Heart quest.

There's a lot to see and do once your start your seasonal character, so consider this a warning. Try and clear some of the opening seasonal quests, up to getting your robot pal and grabbing the Runecarving Tools. It'll just make things easier on you.

Now, on with the show!

How to finish Diablo 4 Kulle's Heart quest

Credit: Blizzard
Credit: Blizzard

Like any good dealer, the first taste is free. You'll be given the first journal (Journal of Zoltun Kulle, Entry 5) for the Diablo 4 Kulle's Heart quest within the Gatehall--the new hub area for this season. If you missed it, look at the desks on the northern side of the map, near the locked door and heart cauldron.

As for the rest? You may think you need to go to specific areas and loot readable items. If you did, don't feel bad because I also thought this. Instead, to complete the Diablo 4 Kulle's Heart quest you're going to need Wardwoven Chests.

These chests are rewards for clearing Vaults, the new dungeon type in Season of the Construct. Plays will need to clear the dungeons by taking as little trap damage as possible, as each bonk removes a stack of Zoltun's Blessing. The more of this stack you have when you finish, the better the reward. And if you're struggling with getting the goods, don't feel too bad. The drop rate is miniscule if second-hand reports from players is any indicator.

It's also entirely possible the quest is bugged, much like the Drums of the Vault quest. Cool. Regardless, attempt Vaults at higher world difficulties and just keeping plugging away. You'll get all those nasty journals eventually.

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