You’ll never go back to those default models.

Agent skins are one of the most controversial features in Counter-Strike, and Valve doesn’t make it clear to new players how to get them. There’s no in-game tutorial or feature to show them off. This may even be intentional, as the feature is disruptive enough to be banned from professional play. Still, nothing is stopping casual players from suiting up as a variety of CS2 Agent skins that range from deadly serious to borderline whimsical.

If you’re looking to get some Agent skins for your CS2 collection, here’s how to get them two different ways.

How to CS2 Agent skins from the Steam Market

Sir Bloody Miami Darryl looks great in the Source 2 engine (Image via Valve)
Sir Bloody Miami Darryl looks great in the Source 2 engine (Image via Valve)

The only consistent way to get CS2 Agent skins is by purchasing them from other players through the Steam Market. The Valve-owned platform allows players to purchase skins from each other with a portion of the sale going to the company. Simply go to the Steam Market, sort by CS2, and filter to Agent to find all the available options.

Agent prices vary wildly, with some going for just a couple of bucks and the most expensive fetching upwards of $60. The price is primarily based on the rarity of the skin, as just with guns, they range from blue to red. Certain agent skins such as Sir Bloody Miami Darryl and Cmdr. Davida 'Goggles' Fernandez are the most valuable as red-rarity skins from old Operations.

Some third-party CS2 skin sites also allow users to sell Agent skins, and many of them boast lower prices than the ones found on the Steam Market. Many of these are safe to use but always double-check the site’s credentials and reviews. The Steam Market is always the absolute safest way to purchase skins from other players.

When is CS2 getting new Agent skins?

Screenshot of CS2 (Image via Valve Corporation)
Screenshot of CS2 (Image via Valve Corporation)

Unlike how new weapon and glove skins are introduced in cases, players cannot get CS2 Agent skins through loot boxes. The only way to get Agent skins aside from the Steam Market is from Operations, which are semi-regular battle passes. The most recent Operation was Riptide in 2021.

It seems Valve has put Operations on the back burner as it continues development on CS2. If none of the existing options catch your eye, you’ll have to wait for the next Operation. Considering the expanded capabilities of the Source 2 engine, expect the next batch of Agent skins to pop compared to their predecessors.

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