You can respawn your allies close to you.

CoD Mobile Season 7, Heat Wave, is here to mark the start of the summer season. Activision has given a lot of new content this season and one of the highlights is the new and unique operator skill - the Tac-Deploy Operator Skill. In this guide, we take a look at how to unlock the Tac-Deploy Operator skill in CoD Mobile Season 7 and how to use it effectively.

How to unlock Tac-Deploy Operator Skill in CoD Mobile Season 7

  • Earn Battle Pass XP by playing Multiplayer and BR matches.
  • Complete Featured, seasonal or daily missions.
  • Play more multipayer matches with friends.

The Tac-Deploy Operator Skill in CoD Mobile can be unlocked by all players for free through the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass in CoD Mobile contains 50 tiers of rewards and the Tac-Deploy will be unlocked at tier 14.

The way to advance through the tiers in the game is by earning Battle Pass XP. You can do so by simply playing multiplayer and battle royale matches. Besides this, you can head over to the events tab and check out the featured, seasonal, or daily missions. Completing these also grants Battle Pass XP which will enable you to quickly advance through the tiers and unlock the Tac-Deploy Operator Skill in CoD Mobile.

Additionally, if you are looking to earn more Battle Pass XP, play multiplayer matches with your friends.

How to use the operator skill?

The Tac-Deploy, short for Tactical Deploy, first appeared in Black Ops 4 and is now making its way to CoD Mobile with Season 7.

As the name suggests, the operator skill can be used to tactically respawn your allies. This can be used at any part of the multiplayer maps. Your allies will then spawn from here for around 12 seconds. The Tac-Deploy can be destroyed enemies by shooting at them.

The Tac-Deploy Operator Skill is most handy in the Domination or Hardpoint modes in CoD Mobile. It can be deployed near the zone to quickly respawn your allies and capture the objective quickly. In the Hardpoint mode, you should have at least one ally with the operator skill to quickly capture the objective. In other modes, the operator skill wouldn’t be the most handy but you can use it for mobilizing your team.

Additionally, make sure to cover the operator skill and your allies when it’s used. The Tac-Deploy in CoD Mobile can be destroyed by enemies quickly. Thus, it's important to ensure that you use it behind a piece of cover or under the cover of a smoke grenade.

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