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The best loadout to use for the Vel 46 (MP7) in MW2


The MP7, now known as the Vel 46, is back and better than ever in MW2.

The Vel 46, better known to the greater CoD community as the MP7, is a highly versatile SMG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and one of the better weapons available to players in-game. Below you'll find a quick guide on how to unlock the Vel 46 in MW2 as well as the best attachments to be using on it.

How to Unlock the Vel 46 in MW2

Unlocking the Vel 46 is a simple task in MW2
Unlocking the Vel 46 is a simple task in MW2

Unlocking the Vel 46 is a relatively simple process in MW2. Unlike other SMGs, like the Lachmann Sub, or the MX9, you don't need to go through some convoluted weapon progression tree to gain access to it. In fact the Vel 46 is available to players once you unlock the create-a-class option at Level 4. And it is without question one of the best weapons in the game right now.

Best loadout to use on the Vel 46 in MW2

Here you will find our recommendation for the best loadout to use on the Vel 46 in MW2. Note that these are merely suggestions and not set in stone. If you come across something else that you would prefer to use on the weapon then go right ahead.

The Best Build for the Vel 46 in MW2
The Best Build for the Vel 46 in MW2

The best attachments to use on the Vel 46 are as follows:

  • Barrel: Lach-165 Zulu
  • Muzzle: AVR-T90 Comp
  • Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip
  • Stock: Assault-60 Stock
  • Magazine: 30 Round Magazine

The Vel 46 is an SMG built with high mobility playstyle in mind. It is a solid option for those of you who prefer to adopt a run-and-gun playstyle. It is very reliable in short-range engagements and can do considerable damage in medium-range fights. These attachments together will have you speeding your way around the map and give you the immediate advantage with its high-ADS stats.

The recoil on this particular gun isn't as noticeable an issue compared to other weapons in its class, it is an area worth improving on. This is where the Assault-60 stock and AVR-T90 muzzle come into play. Meaning that medium-range fights will be even easier to manage.

Lastly, we have the 30-round mag attachment. While it does come with the slight drawback of a reduced clip size for the Vel 46, from 40 rounds to 30 per mag, the trade-offs are more than worth it. Especially the faster reload time. Either way, we recommend you also use Scavenger or a munitions box on your Vel 46 class regardless of what mag you use.

And there you have it, our guide on the best build for the Vel 46 in MW2. Check out our homepage for even more MW2 weapon guides, as well as to stay up to date on all the latest CoD news.

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