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Call of Duty is best enjoyed with friends and family. The joy of completing a campaign along with your friend or brother next to you is unparalleled. With Modern Warfare 3, there are multiple online multiplayer game modes. Playing online, however, raises the question of how you can enjoy CoD with someone in your own house. Here's how to play Split Screen in MW3.

How to Play Split Screen in MW3?

You will need two controllers and both usernames are linked to their respective Activision Accounts. After this, make sure to go through the next few steps to play Split Screen in MW3.

  1. Connect both controllers to your console (Xbox or PlayStation)
  2. Sign in to a profile on both controllers. (You can also link an existing profile to the second controller)
  3. Press X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) to join Split Screen. You will find this in the main Multiplayer menu. 

Once you have these steps squared away you should be able to play the game in Split Screen. Split Screen is not available on a few game modes such as (but not limited to) Invasion, Free for All, Zombies and Campaign. 

If you try launching these game modes with the Split Screen option, you will get a notice in-game. This notifies you that Split Screen mode is not available on these game modes. If you do get a notice, then you will have to remove one player from the console and then you can continue as a single player. 

If you want to play Multiplayer Online in Split Screen mode, then both accounts (linked to controllers) need to have an active subscription. This could be either PlayStation Plus or the Xbox Game Pass. However, for local play, it is not required to have an active subscription. 

Split Screen Mode Limitations

There are some obvious limitations to Split Screen Mode in Call of Duty. For starters, the screen size is the biggest change. If you were to play online multiplayer, you will have access to the full screen, which will provide a more immersive experience. However, playing Split Screen also ensures you can enjoy the game with your closest friends or relatives. For many, gaming is all about shared experiences with your close friends and relatives and that is what the Split Screen mode helps achieve.