Skull and Bones not dropping in MWZ, MW3, and Warzone? Here’s why cover image

Skull and Bones not dropping in MWZ, MW3, and Warzone? Here’s why

I swear I left them on the ground somewhere.

MW3 gamers looking for Skull and Bones drops in their Zombies matches are being left high and dry.

There is a reason why. This is a simple matter that will be fixed, and you’ll be back to skeletal collection in no time.

What are Skulls and Bones used for in MW3, MWZ, and Warzone?

(Image via Sledgehammer Games)
(Image via Sledgehammer Games)

Skulls and Bones are the resources available in MWZ, MW3, and Warzone’s Horde Hunt game mode. Gamers looking to test their skills in Horde Hunt need these bones for Zombie Acquisitions.

While these Zombie Acquisitions sound like an undead HR employee quota, this is not the case. Acquisitions are used to upgrade your Operator for your next zombie endeavor. This is what makes these Skulls and Bones so valuable, and if you’re here, they’re likely not working.

Why aren’t Skulls and Bones dropping in MWZ?

This is a glitch. Call of Duty gamers, this will be fixed in due time. But, just in case you’re not finding them for other reasons, let’s explain how to get them.

Any random zombie in MWZ will drop bones. Whereas the precious and morbid Skulls gamers are vying for come from armored zombies. Kill these specific zombies to bolster your collection and earn more rewards for your Operator.

When will it be fixed?

The best way to know when it will be fixed is to check social media. Not just any, but those used by Raven Software, Activision, and Sledgehammer Games. Or even the CODUpdates Twitter account.

With any luck, this issue will be fixed. It seems the Call of Duty developers are on the case already. Soon, you’ll be drowning in skulls and bones in MW3, Warzone, and MWZ—just save some for the rest of us.

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