MW3 Operator Assault Kills: How to get and what are they? cover image

MW3 Operator Assault Kills: How to get and what are they?

Confused about what exactly an Operator Assault Kill is in CoD MW3? We’ve got you covered with a quick guide on how to get them.

You start up Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, look at your list of challenges, and you’re immediately stumped because you don’t know what an Operator Assault Kill is. That’s a problem more than one player in MW3 has come across, but luckily, there’s a simple answer, and easy ways to get so-called Operator Assault Kills in MW3. 

Operator Assault Kills MW3

Appearing on Daily and Weekly challenge lists, Operator Assault Kill objectives require you to get the elusive Operator Assault Kills. You may have racked up hundreds of kills that day or week, but have yet to score an Operator Assault Kill! Here’s why:

What are Assault Kills in MW3?

Operator Assault Kills in MW3 are specifically kills on enemy players who are defending an objective. You can only get Operator Assault Kills on objective-based game modes like Hardpoint, Control, or Domination.

The naming is a bit confusing, as everyone in CoD is called an “Operator,” and you’re constantly assaulting them, so its not really clear. Maybe they could have called them “Defender Kills” and it would have made more sense, but definitely sounds less “tacti-cool.”

How to get Operator Assault Kills in MW3

There’s three game modes you can earn Operator Assault Kills in CoD MW3, but we recommend Hardpoint for sure. That’s because its really simple to get kills on Hardpoint, and enemies basically flock to the objective. Because the challenges for Operator Assault Kills usually don’t require crazy amounts of kills, just fitting a few games of Hardpoint into your daily rotation will mean you can quickly rack up the points. Enjoy the free objective!

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