The error occurs when you are on an older version of the game.

Every Call of Duty update adds something new to the game, it might be a new map, new weapons or more. But sometimes, it inadvertently also adds a few bugs and they can be quite frustrating when all you want to do is to start the game and play. Here’s how to fix the ‘MW3 join failed because you are on a different version.‘

As the error message suggests, it is most likely a mismatch of the game versions. This issue will prevent you from playing with your friends. However, there is a simple solution, and following these steps should ensure you get back to playing with your friends as early as possible.

How to fix “MW3 join failed because you are on different version”

Check the Game for Updates

The first step should be to check the game for further updates. You can do so by 

  • Click on Gear Icon in
  • Steam: Verify Integrity of Games Files
  • PlayStation: Check Options
  • Xbox: Manage Game and add-ons

Tell your friends to Update their game

The next step is to inform your friends to follow these steps and that includes them updating the game. They can follow the same instructions above to update their respective games.

Restart MW3

The final step would be to restart Modern Warfare 3. A restart often downloads any missing files and replaces corrupted files. This should allow the server to check your game update and ensure it is the latest version.

A similar restart for your friends is also recommended since it will solve the problem if it is on their end. 

<em>Image Credit: Ubisoft</em>
Image Credit: Ubisoft

Hopefully, following these steps will ensure you do not face the "MW3 join failed because you are on different version" error again. The error usually occurs when two or more members of a party are playing on different versions of the game.