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How to Turn Off Crossplay in MW3

Here’s how to turn off crossplay for Xbox and PS5 players.

Modern Warfare 3 allows you to play with players from other platforms including consoles and PC. However, not everyone wants to play against players from other platforms. But the good news is console players can disable crossplay in MW3. Here’s how to turn off crossplay in MW3. 

Not every console player is happy with having to face off against players using their computer. A mouse and keyboard allow for more accuracy and sometimes, faster reaction speeds. In a highly competitive title such as Modern Warfare 3, console players are often not keen on crossplay. Thankfully, there is a way for players to turn off crossplay in MW3. 

How to turn Off Crossplay in MW3 on PS5

  1. Go to the Menu and click options
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Go to Account and Network
  4. Turn off Crossplay and cross-communication

Turning off crossplay on the PS5 is relatively easy. You can go to Menu and then Settings to access the Account and Network section. This is where you will find the Crossplay and cross-communication settings, which you can conveniently turn off.

How to turn Off Crossplay in MW3 on Xbox

  1. Go to Xbox console settings
  2. Navigate to Online Safety and Family tab.
  3. Click on Privacy and Online Safety
  4. Go to Xbox Privacy
  5. Scroll down to Communication and Multiplayer.
  6. Choose ‘Block’ in the Cross-Network Play Setting

There are a few more steps in Xbox, but it is still relatively easy. The downside to turning off crossplay is that queue times might be slightly longer. But it’s a small price to pay for what you perceive to be fair matchmaking.

In some situations, where the queue times are abnormally long, then you can simply retrace these steps and turn it back on. In both cases, we recommend restarting the console for this setting to work as intended.

Can PC players turn off crossplay in MW3?

Unfortunately, PC players cannot turn off crossplay in MW3. The option is available only to players on console for now.