Time to bring out the controllers and play with your friends on the couch.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is best enjoyed with friends and family. There is no better joy than sitting on the couch and playing the game with your loved ones. Playing the game on Split Screen is a fun way to experience the game. Here’s how to enable and play Modern Warfare 3 in Split Screen mode.

The advent of online gaming has reduced the dependence on local multiplayer game modes. Yes, there are advantages of playing online instead of local multiplayer. For starters, you get the whole screen to yourself and some might argue that means better reaction time and more peripheral vision during the games. But it does not really replace the feeling of playing alongside someone and just having fun at each other’s mistakes. 

How to enable Split Screen in MW3?

Playing Split Screen in Modern Warfare 3 is not difficult. You can just go through the steps mentioned below to enable and play Split Screen in MW3.

  1. Connect both controllers to the same console.
  2. Link a profile - one to each of the controllers.
  3. Once  you do this, you should receive a prompt for Split Screen in the top right corner
  4. Choose a Game mode that allows Split Screen gameplay in MW3

Some game modes have restrictions on whether they allow Split Screen game mode or not. Players cannot play the game in Split Screen mode on the Zombies and Campaign Game mode. Players also can’t play Free For All, Invasion, and Ground War game in Split Screen. 

The exclusion of some popular game modes is definitely a missed opportunity for the game’s Split Screen mode. However, we hope that future iterations of the game will have more game modes inclusive of the Split Screen feature.