Fight off Orcus to complete the final story mission of MW3

The final story mission of the MW3 Zombies campaign is to defeat Zakhaev. Completing this mission is not that easy, and this guide will help you defeat Zakhaev in MW3 Zombies. 

How to Defeat Zakhaev in MW3 Zombies

To defeat Zakhaev in MW3 Zombies, you will need to deploy Zakhaev’s stronghold and defeat Orcus. You need to find the Exfil icon that will take you to Defeat Zakhaev. Loading the mission will usually take you to another zone and you would have 45 minutes to complete the mission. You now need to plant the explosive charge on the enrichment device located there. Fight through the zombies and head to the Zakhaev’s facility. You can also slip through them, but you will need to clear through the zombies once you get inside the facility. Only then can you deploy the explosive device without any problem.

You should prepare for the Final story mission with the following items

  1. Wunderwaffle DG-2
  2. Ray Gun (Or Legendary Ether tool)
  3. Juggernog (perk)
  4. Quick Revive (perk)
  5. Speed Cola (perk)
  6. PHD Flopper (perk)
  7. At least  one level two Pack-A-Punch gun
  8. Self Revive
  9. 3 Plate Vest Armor 

You will then need to find the Neutralizer which would also be visible on the map. There’s a lot of fighting en route to the Neutralizer as well as a bunch of mercenaries guarding the neutralizer itself. Once the area is clear of Neutralizers, you will need to boot it up.

As soon as the Neutralizer is turned on, your next mission will be to destroy the Attack Helicopter. But as you would try to destroy it, Orcus would come out of the ground and blow up the Attack Helicopter. And that’s when the final fight begins. Fight, or be killed by Orcus. To defeat Zakhaev, you will need to kill Orcus. There’s no real other option since if you don’t kill Orcus, Orcus is most likely to kill you.

How to Fend off Orcus Attacks

As is the case with many boss fights, Orcus rotates through a bunch of pre-determined Attack Moves. While the exact order of these attacks might vary, you should be prepared for them in any eventuality.

  • Slam Attack
  • Laser Attack
  • Underground Attack
  • Projectile Attack

The Projectile attack only happens when it breaches the 50% mark. The best way to fight Orcus is to take cover of buildings. We even recommend going inside buildings and shooting at it from the safety of a building cover. Defeating Orcus takes time but after using adequate building cover it should not be an issue. Once Orcus is defeated, the story defaults to the final story cutscene. 

You will have two NPCs with you and if you can, you should also choose to take cover in the same building as them. This will not mean that they will attack Orcus, but they can definitely take care of the oncoming horde of Zombies, allowing you to focus on Orcus without any problems. C

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Featured Image Credit: Call of Duty Wiki