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How to Collect Skulls and Bones in MW3 Horde Hunt

Dig the Bones of the Undead in the Horde Hunt event!

Several Call of Duty players want to obtain the Horde Hunt Rewards and other wonder weapons through the recent event. In order to get them, they must collect enough skulls and bones throughout the event. Here's how to collect the Skulls and Bones in MW3.

What are Skulls and Bones in MW3?

Skulls and Bones are the base currency of the Horde Hunt event that players must collect. These ‘currencies’ are used to get weapon upgrades, cosmetics, and more. Read on for more information on how to get Skulls and Bones in MW3. 

Where to get Skulls in MW3?

You can collect skulls from the Armored Zombies in MW3. Armored Zombies are not available everywhere, and players need to start contracts to draw the armored Zombies out.

The MW3 Horde Hunt runs for three weeks. The Limited Time event is an exciting addition to the game and also brings plenty of rewards for players.

To earn rewards players can collect bones as well as skulls. Bones are plentiful throughout the game and are easily collectible. To collect bones, players must eliminate regular zombies. The Zombies are scattered throughout the game. To complete all the challenges, players need approximately 10,000 bones.

However, considering how easily the bones are obtainable, the real challenge is to compete with others for the same resources. You can simply activate the exfil repeatedly to spawn more zombies and collect bones.

How to Collect Skulls in MW3

While finding and collecting bones is relatively easier, Skulls are limited. Call of Duty Players can find skulls through featured zombies or Armored Zombies in MW3. 

Players can go to the Zombies Game mode and use exfil sites to spawn zombies. They can then farm these hordes of zombies to collect Bones and skulls. 

For bones, you can simply head to the Tier 1 zones and use the exfil repeatedly to collect enough bones. However, for Skulls you should head to Tier 2 zones. Before doing that, you should fulfill contracts and upgrade your weapons as the Armored zombies are harder to kill.