CoD MW3 double XP event: Dates, details, and more! cover image

CoD MW3 double XP event: Dates, details, and more!

The MW3 double XP event is the best way to catch up on experience for your weapons, player profile, and battle pass.

Lets face it - the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 release has been a bit underwhelming. It’s a grind fest and players are struggling through the various systems to unlock weapon attachments, profiles, and battle pass rewards so they can get the perfect loadout. That’s where the MW3 double XP event comes into play. These events run periodically, usually on holiday weekends, and they can make it much easier to boost your level. Here’s all the details on the next CoD MW3 double XP event:

MW3 double XP event

(Image via Sledgehammer/Activision)
(Image via Sledgehammer/Activision)

The CoD MW3 double XP event is a week-long event that gives you double XP for you weapon, player, and battle pass. This means it’s super easy to level up all aspects of your game during this event. Beyond that, it makes things like weapon attachments easier to unlock, meaning those crucial loadouts can be customized quicker.

When is the next event?

Activision announced that the most recent COD MW3 double XP event will be run from Nov. 22 to Nov. 27, 2023. It starts at starting at 10 a.m. PT, and will run until midnight on Nov. 27 This means all of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Thanksgiving Weekend, and Cyber Monday will be covered by the double XP event. We know you’re supposed to be spending time with family and friends during that time, but maybe leveling up your weapon level might be a better use of time?

How long is the double XP event in CoD MW3?

The double XP event for MW3 runs for just over six days, or almost a week, finishing on Monday, Nov. 27. It’s a limited time, but as mentioned, it coincides with some days off for those in the US!

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