MW3 and Warzone Travis-Rilea error: What is it, and how to fix cover image

MW3 and Warzone Travis-Rilea error: What is it, and how to fix

How am I supposed to bot-frag if an error keeps popping up?

The Travis Rilea error springs up in Call of Duty from time to time. It’s a pesky little pop-up that’ll stop you in your tracks. Thankfully, there are a few steps that will fix this and here's how to fix the Warzone Travis-Rilea error.

Games throughout history have had their own specific errors. The Call of Duty franchise has plenty of them—this includes MW3, Warzone, and basically every COD title before it.

What is the Travis Rilea error?

(Image via Sledgehammer Games)
(Image via Sledgehammer Games)

The Travis Rilea error is a connection issue in Call of Duty. MW3 and Warzone players across the globe have likely encountered it at some point and there are some simple fixes.

This particular error can be caused either by your internet or the MW3 and Warzone servers. That means if it’s not you, there’s nothing you can do. Updates do happen regularly, and that is a good thing. But, you can be left in the lurch so it's best to fix any possible errors from your side before waiting on Call of Duty to deploy a solution.

How to fix the Travis Rilea error in MW3 and Warzone?

(Image via Sledgehammer Games)
(Image via Sledgehammer Games)

Fear not, there are fixes. That is if it’s your connection and not the MW3 or Warzone servers. Here’s what you can try:

Restart your game

The age-old classic method of fixing any error and the Travis Rilea error sometimes cannot withstand its power. Turning your game off and booting it back up again can fix this particular error. But, it’s possible to be a deeper issue. 

This also includes your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation console. 

Check your wifi or LAN connection

Checking your internet connection is the next step. If your game refuses to connect to the MW3 or Warzone servers, restart your internet to make sure it’s an issue on your end. 

Make sure everything is working fine, and give it a restart for good measure. With some luck, the Travis Rilea error will be gone.

Check Activision and Sledgehammer Games socials

These socials can come in handy. If it turns out that after all this effort it’s not your fault, you’ll want to see why and how long the update will take. To do this, you can check things like :

These accounts will typically shed some light on your Travis Rilea struggles. If you see that they’re updating, it might mean you have to play another game in the meantime.

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