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Call of Duty MW2’s second mission – Kill or Capture – Guide & walkthrough

A complete guide for Modern Warfare’s second mission

Kill of capture is the second mission in Remaster of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The mission has you searching for the villain of the game General Hassan. Kill or Capture has you search for Hassan in the dead of night through several safehouses. However, this is derailed as an allied helicopter gets shot down and you have to help your allies. The mission really sets the tone of the game and introduces the main story of the game. As towards the end of the mission, there are 3 American Missiles under Hassan's control that you must find.

CoD MW2's Kill or Capture load screen
CoD MW2's Kill or Capture load screen

Clearing buildings 1 and 2

The first objective of the Kill or Capture mission has the player alongside Ghost and other soldiers attempting to capture Hassan. The intel explains that Hassan is held up in a safehouse, and the taskforce is divided into 2 teams to pincer Hassan. The mission takes place at night, so be prepared to be using the night vision goggles throughout. The mission takes a turn when the helicopter carrying the second team gets hit by a RPG, and crashes.

But before you can save your allies, you need to clear 2 buildings in the search for Hassan. As long as you follow your squad with your night vision goggles on, there shouldn't be much difficulty. However once you get into the building, enemies can pose an issue. However, you are equipped with good tools to deal with enemies. Your EBR-14 sniper can make quick work of enemies at long range, clearing them in one hit in most cases. While your secondary weapon, the VEL-46 can clean up at short range.

CoD MW2's Kill or Capture - Crash site on the left (red), first building on the right (green)
CoD MW2's Kill or Capture - Crash site on the left (red), first building on the right (green)

The only tricky bit of clearing buildings in Kill or Capture are entering hallways or rooms. As enemies like to jump out of nowhere to surprise you. So, use a combination of your flash grenades or a slow entry to scout out what lies ahead.

Protecting the Crash site

Once you've cleared the first building, you then get to be a good teammate and help your allies. There are only 1 or 2 survivors of the crash, but no men gets left behind. Securing the crash site is probably the most challenging aspect of the mission as its a "protect the payload" type objective. However, this part of the Kill or Capture mission is pretty manageable since its only the second mission of the game.

With how the defense line is laid out, you are meant to stay in crashed Heli. However, hanging around the exit and back of the Heli provides both better cover and a funnel for enemies. For some reason, they'll push up right to the entrance of the Heli and make themselves easy targets.

After 2 waves of enemies, armored trucks show up with reinforcements. If you stick to the same strategy and hold off for a bit longer, Ghost calls in air support. The air strike essentially clears out the rest of the enemies and allows you to move onto the next building where Hassan is allegedly hiding. It's also worth noting, this is a good area to complete the achievement Daredevil. While enemies are approaching the side of the heli, flashbang yourself and kill 2 of them to claim the achievement.

Time to kill or capture Hassan

Once the air strike has it the trucks and you move onto the the last safehouse building you are met with a not so warm welcome. In fact, the welcome is a series of snipers aimed at your position and the surrounding area. The snipers deal a lot of damage, so you won't be pushing past them before taking them out. As long as you stay prone, the snipers won't give much issue. In terms of finding the snipers, they have laser sights on their snipers to track you, however it truly works against them in this case as it allows you to identify them easily.

Then, it becomes the same situation as the first 2 buildings. Just take it slow and methodical. Clear each room and eventually you'll make it to the room where Hassan is. However, only his uniform remains. Unfortunately, you neither get to kill or capture Hassan. But, the mission continues. As you regroup with the rest of the team, you move to a nearby Warehouse that the opposition protected with their life.

The warehouse that starts the story of MW2
The warehouse that starts the story of MW2

The warehouse is the final checkpoint of the Kill or Capture mission. You are tasked with breaching the warehouse and clearing it of enemies inside. There are a combination of both armored and non armored targets inside, so have your VEL 46 at the ready. In a perfect world, you'll want to take out the enemies in the top balcony first, then focus on the rest with the high ground. And once you clear out the warehouse, the rest of the team comes in, and the mission is completed.

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