If you want to be the best, you need the best settings. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Call of Duty Warzone or Cold War, these are the best settings you need to land those wins.

In a world driven by competition, Call of Duty players need the best settings to succeed. If you want to bring home those big wins, you'll need sharp reflexes, high levels of accuracy, and, most importantly, the best settings for Call of Duty.

However, these days, that rule goes above and beyond simple sensitivity settings. Now, you'll need to consider sound settings, movement options, and graphics details - particularly if you're on PC. But fear not - we're here to help you break down the best Warzone settings and the best Cold War settings.

And don't worry, most of these can be translated across any Call of Duty title. Fun fact, there have been NINETEEN Call of Duty games in total, find out more about them here.

Best Settings for Call of Duty: Graphics

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Image Credit: Wolfgang (YouTube)

These days, so many Call of Duty players are on PC - and it can be confusing to understand the graphics options. In many cases, it can be a trial and error process, with most PC gamers starting low and working their way up.

Ultimately, it comes down to your individual PC build and its capabilities. If you have a high-end PC, there are no issues with ramping the graphics up to the maximum level. However, if your PC is a little older or weaker, you'll need to tone it down a little.

If you're looking for the best Warzone settings, you should generally focus on a Medium to High build, choosing instead to optimise your FPS. There are many professional Warzone players that run the game on Low, to get much smoother and higher FPS counts.

It's advisable to follow a similar style when seeking the best Cold War settings. Although, there's less for the game to render, so you can set it up to look a little better, and still achieve those higher FPS counts. Thank you, small maps!

In most cases, turning down anti-aliasing, shadow quality, render resolution, or post-processing settings will help you get the most FPS on Call of Duty.

Best Settings for Call of Duty: Controller

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Image Credit: Scuf (Twitter)

If you want to be the best at Call of Duty, you should try purchasing an 'augmented' controller. Most commonly, professional players will use a Scuf or a Battle Beaver controller. These highly-customisable pads often come with paddles, grips, extra buttons, and high-tech add-ons that really offer key advantages to a player.

Although, if you're looking for the best controller settings on Call of Duty, you don't always need a fancy pad. In fact, you can replicate some of the effects of a Scuf controller without owning one. Here are some of the best Warzone settings or the best Cold War settings for your controller.

Use Aim Assist Correctly

In Warzone or Cold War (or any Call of Duty), aim assist is the biggest advantage to using a controller. The best controller settings in this respect tend to be the standard aim assist mode for Warzone, the legacy aim assist mode for Cold War, and the dynamic aim response curve type.

Use The Right Sensitivity

For the best Cold War settings, you'll want to slow it down a little. In the professional world, most players use a stick sensitivity reading of 6-6, with a low zoom sensivity of 0.8 - 1, and a high zoom sensitivity of 1 - 1.5. In Cold War, you tend to move slower and are often pointed towards the enemy, so you don't need to move as quickly.

For the best Warzone settings, you can start at 6-6 and work your way up. It's ideal to move a little faster on the turn, as enemies can quite literally come from anywhere, at anytime. In some situations, having that rapid turning speed can save your life, and your game.

Pay Attention To The 'Secret' Settings

Outside of the regular settings, there are those that you might not be aware of. For example, controller vibration - there are many people who turn this off, because the added movement, however small, can throw off a shot. It also drains batteries, and who wants that?

Also, when looking at the best Call of Duty settings, pay attention to movement options. While auto-sprint is fantastic for Warzone (lots of running!), it isn't a good addition for Cold War. Furthermore, having your Airborne Mantle Behaviour set to automatic could ruin those all-important jump shots, so try switching that to manual.

Best Call of Duty Settings: Everything Else

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Image Credit: Turtle Beach

And then, there are the other things to consider.

Playing with a keyboard and mouse? Tweak the settings and keybindings until you're happy - it's totally subjective.

Looking for the best Call of Duty sound settings? Try using Boost High for the audio mix to hear those footsteps. Turn the music and dialogue options down way low, and the effects volume up high.

Everything else really comes down to your ability as a player. Now, get out there and win.