When you’re looking for a rapid, fast-ADS, and low-recoil SMG in Warzone, look no further than the MP7. It’s a fantastic weapon with massively advantageous stability, and the professional players simply love it. Here’s the best MP7 loadout for Warzone.

In Warzone, few things are more effective than an SMG. If you build them right, they can be used to dominate the battlefield with ease, and they're the weapon of choice for many professional players. The MP7 fits nicely into that category, having been a tried and tested SMG in Call of Duty for years. But what's the best MP7 loadout for Warzone?

The MP7 first appeared in Call of Duty back in Modern Warfare 3, in 2011. And then, when Modern Warfare rebooted in 2019, it made a grand reappearance. This instantly recognisable and super-fast SMG rapidly established itself as a player favourite. When Warzone launched in March of 2020, it did the same thing again.

Almost overnight, the MP7 became a sprinter's best friend. It was one of the weapons of choice for a fast-moving player, or as a secondary to an Overkill perk loadout. As times have changed, so too has the weapon, and today people are still asking, 'What's the best MP7 loadout for Warzone?'

The Fight For The Fast Movers

There are many SMGs littered around the Call of Duty landscape. From the age-old and reliable MP5 to the modern and extremely rapid MAC-10, there's plenty to choose from. However, when it comes to locking down one specific SMG, it often comes down to personal preference.

For example, some players might prefer something a little more out of the ordinary. In that case, they might equip a Bullfrog or an AK74u. While these SMGs are by no means weak or useless, they're not considered the meta, and you might find yourself being outgunned.

Although, one SMG that is rarely outgunned is, of course, the MP7. It's a tried-and-tested weapon that has successfully carried many players to that ultimate dub. However, it's a relatively difficult SMG to unlock, given that it isn't acquired until rank 54.

If all you're playing is Warzone, you might not unlock the MP7 for quite a while.

Breaking Down The Best MP7 Loadout for Warzone

Image Credit: Captured in-game by Author
Image Credit: Captured in-game by Author

As you can see, this particular loadout has been saved with the custom name, The Best! That means something, as it quite literally is the most unbeatable MP7 loadout you'll find in the game. This variant is built for high movement speeds, rapid ADS, and incredible beaming abilities like you've never seen before.

Let's break down the best attachments for your MP7 in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FSS Recon
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Stock: FSS Close Quarters Stock
  • Ammunition: 60 Round Mags

Why are these the best attachments to use on your MP7? We're glad you asked.

Firstly, there's the monolithic suppressor, which should be an industry standard by this point. It boosts the overall range (and damage range) of your MP7, and ensures you stay hidden from the mini-map. If you want your bullets to fly truer at a longer range, stick this attachment on.

Next, we've slipped on the FSS Recon barrel, which boosts overall damage range and velocity. Again, if you combine that with the Monolithic Suppressor, you'll be absolutely beaming without question.

Then, there's the 5mW Laser, an attachment that everyone should consider for their SMG loadouts. Traditionally, an MP7 will be used in a closer area, which means the MP7 will fare much better when equipped with a laser. It'll massively cut down the hip-fire spread, and mean close, frantic engagements are won in your favour.

We've also clipped on an FSS Close Quarters Stock, to reduce that ADS time and increase aiming movement speed. Because if there's one thing you want with an SMG, it's movement speed, right?

Finally, there's the ammunition attachment - a 60 Round Mags inclusion. The MP7 has a blisteringly high rate of fire, and you'll burn through the bullets in no time at all. When you attach this magazine upgrade, you give yourself lots of extra rounds to play with mid-fight.

Best MP7 Tactics for Warzone

As we've already mentioned, the MP7 is best used when getting up close and personal. It's a close-quarters weapon that's useful for spraying down multiple enemies at close range. Its low weight and high maneuverability mean you'll be bouncing around a room much better than your team-mates wielding assault rifles or LMGs.

In most cases, you'll be playing point-man, breaching rooms first and taking down enemies as soon as they're engaged. You won't be mounting up to take down enemies at a longer range unless you desperately need to. Ultimately, as long as you can keep a shot on target, you'll be fine. But, bear in mind, it'll take a lot more shots from the MP7 at long range to down someone.

If you're running Overkill, the MP7 becomes a first-class secondary weapon. If you want, you could pair it with an M16, M13, or even something like the FFAR for more rapid deployment.

Whatever you pick, experiment it with a little to find the best MP7 loadout for Warzone.