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Bloodhound Guide: Tips to excel at the ultimate huntsman in Apex


Bloodhound was a top 5 legend in Apex Legends Season 13. We break down how to kill on command. Make the jump to learn our tips and tricks.

Bloodhound has been in Apex Legends since the very beginning when the game launched in February 2019. Despite the addition of new legends, maps and an ever-changing meta, Bloodhound has remained a staple of the casual and competitive scene. A team can always make use of a good Bloodhound, which is why we're here to tell you exactly how to get the most out of the legend.

Bloodhound: Apex Legends hunter and tracker
Bloodhound: Apex Legends hunter and tracker

What makes Bloodhound a good Apex Legend?

Bloodhound is a tracker/hunter legend that falls under the recon legend category. They are excellent for multiple different playstyles and provide information on the whereabouts of opponents and also critical gameplay clues. Bloodhound serves as an excellent team legend and provides your duo or trio a leg up in your fights.


  • Scans provide critical info for team
  • Increased movement and speed while in ultimate
  • Beacon scanning ability that allows for better late game planning


  • Vulnerable after scan because location is given away
  • Lack of mobility or speed boost if not in ultimate

Whether in sweaty diamond or master/predator lobbies or the casual player that is playing just for fun, Bloodhound is a great choice for your Apex Legend. They provide a unique kit that has placed them at a decent to good pick rate since the game came out. In Season 13 Bloodhound was picked in 8% of games.

Bloodhound Tactical: Eye of the Allfather

  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds (every 8 seconds in ultimate)
  • Distance: 75 meters in a 125 degree cone
Bloodhound's scan emanates 75 meters forward in a 125 degree cone
Bloodhound's scan emanates 75 meters forward in a 125 degree cone

Bloodhound's tactical provides a scan that highlights not only enemies/enemy traps but also gameplay clues integral to team decision making. It's useful because it provides your team with information that can determine next steps in a fight. It can be used effectively as an aggression/pushing tool or a defensive deterrent.

Tips for Eye of the Allfather

Tip #1:

Make sure you have a wide scope of your POI when scanning. For example, stand outside or on high ground. A scan goes to waste if enemies are not within range or within the scanning cone. The critical information that a scan provides can make or break success in a fight so be sure to scan from an area that provides as much information to you and your teammates as possible. Think before you scan!

Tip #2:

Scanning applies pressure both offensively and defensively. If available, always scan when initiating a push on a team or when a team is pushing on you. A well place scan can not only disorient a team being pushed but also deter a team that is pushing you if their teammates aren't with them.

Be warned using Eye of the Allfather may also alert enemies to your presence. So if you want to sneak, best keep it in your back pocket.

Enemies are detected and highlighted upon scan
Enemies are detected and highlighted upon scan

Bloodhound Ultimate: Beast of The Hunt

  • Duration: 30 seconds on its own but downing an opponent adds 5-15 seconds (depending on remaining duration of ult)
  • Cooldown: 180 seconds

Bloodhound's ultimate allows players to enhance their senses and go into a black and white mode that highlights enemies in red and teammates in blue. Scanning capabilities are increased from 25 seconds per scan to 8 seconds per scan.

During Bloodhound's ultimate your speed is increased 30% which provides a huge advantage in both solo and team fights. This speed boost can also be utilized to escape the ring if necessity dictates.

Tips for Beast of the Hunt

Tip #1

Remain consistent with your scans. That quick 8 second cool down on scan while in your ult must be taken advantage of. The name of the game while in ult is information and speed so keep those scans coming as often as possible to provide intel to your teammates.

Tip #2

Take advantage of that 30 percent speed increase. Take off angles and swing around teams as much as possible while in ult. Having the ability to move that much quicker than your enemies means you can flank easier than normal so be prepared to swing the edges of a fight to take your opponents by surprise.

Passives: Tracker/Beacon scanning

The passives of our favorite outlands hunter and tracker remain consistent with the rest of their information obtaining kit. Bloodhound is able to track enemy movements for up to 90 seconds via clues that they leave behind. Remember to relay these pieces of information to your allies.

Various clues provide information on enemy whereabouts and activities
Various clues provide information on enemy whereabouts and activities

Bloodhound's secondary passive provides players with the capability to scan beacons throughout the map to obtain information on where the next ring pulls. This ability helps teams plan for next rotations much more effectively.

A well timed beacon scan can provide a game plan for the remainder of the game
A well timed beacon scan can provide a game plan for the remainder of the game

Tips for Bloodhound's passives

Tip #1

Make sure to ping the enemy clues that you come across and find relevant. If you approach a particular POI, and you see that an enemy took a zip in a particular direction less than 90 seconds ago, ping the clue to communicate with your team and let them know you're hot on enemy team's tail.

Tip #2

Scan beacon as often as possible (as long as it is safe to do so). Providing your teammates and yourself ring knowledge can be the difference in obtaining a game winning spot in the final zones or having to consistently fight your way into the circle. It can also be wise to know and land at beacon locations when playing Bloodhound.

What legends synergize well with Bloodhound in Apex?

While all legends benefit from having a Bloodhound on their team, there are a few teammates that bode particularly well for Bloodhound players in Apex Legends.

Aggressive playstyles

  • Octane
  • Valkyrie
  • Horizon
  • Revenant

When playing aggressively, movement characters can be exceptional with Bloodhound. Any character that allows quick movement in and out of a fight can take advantage of scans better. Having an octane jump pad or a Horizon lift can put your team in the best position to take advantage of knowing where your enemies are. Pairing quick entry and Revenant's ult with the information provided on scan can be a lethal combination.

Passive playstyles

  • Caustic
  • Newcastle
  • Gibraltar

If playing passively is more your style, pairing Bloodhound with these characters can be a game changer. If you are holding a building or other particular POI, a wide scoped scan can provide a Caustic or Newcastle the information needed to determine where barrels/castle wall should be placed to best protect the team and make entry for enemy teams more difficult.

We hope this Bloodhound Guide helps you to be well equipped for the warfare ahead. To read more about the legend you can check out their Fandom wiki page.

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